Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 17 January 2020

Labour’s fake anti-Semitism crisis outlives Corbyn

‘Candidates for the leadership of the UK’s Labour Party have capitulated to new demands from the Israel lobby.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews is insisting that whoever replaces Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader in April should effectively institute purges of the party membership.

So the fabricated “anti-Semitism crisis” in Britain’s main opposition party rages on, despite Corbyn’s defeat last month – which other Israel lobbyists have now claimed responsibility for.

The Board of Deputies on Sunday issued 10 “pledges” – or “demands” as The Jewish Chronicle reported – “to end the anti-Semitism crisis.”

In what was clearly a coordinated action, all five candidates who have received sufficient nominations to be on the ballot paper in the leadership contest instantly agreed to the Board’s demands.

These included the supposedly left-wing shadow minister Rebecca Long-Bailey. She commands the most support among Labour members, according to one opinion poll, with Keir Starmer, the party’s main spokesperson on Brexit, in second position.

The group Labour Against the Witch Hunt has condemned the demands, calling on candidates to reject them.


Long-Bailey posted a fawning blog post on The Times of Israel website acceding to all the Board of Deputies’ demands.

In a sign of how the witch hunt has becoming increasingly McCarthyite, she committed to expelling Labour members supposedly guilty of “diminishing the problem of anti-Semitism.”

Her blog post was promoted online by her campaign manager Jon Lansman – who has been part of the witch hunt for some time now.’

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