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Brexit betrayal: Lib Dems’ ‘hideous’ attempt to cancel EU exit sparks FURY with voters

‘In a shocking move, acting Liberal Democrats leader Sir Ed Davey announced there needs to be an investigation into the EU referendum and its result. The party will table an amendment to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

The inquiry is likely to look into former Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to hold the referendum in the first place, the finances and the conduct of politicians during the campaign.

This will also include the Government’s handling of the Article 50 process.

The Lib Dems are also planning to look at the Tories’ handling of key Brexit decisions, which includes the Government’s refusal to hold a second referendum.

However, the sly move has enraged Britons, who have branded the attempt “hideous”.

One Twitter user called Paul said: “I’m demanding you anti-democratic losers STFU and go live in an EU country if you love it that much.

“The only catastrophe you should be holding an inquiry into is the hideous trouncing you and the other lying, anti-Brexit losers got in the election.

“A clue is in the result.”

Another user said: “And what about the millions that would need to be spent on a public inquiry to Brexit which is just a delusional self indulgent amendment by those who still don’t understand democracy or why they lost?”

One user called out Mr Davey for trying to “fight lost battles”.

They said: “No criminal charges would result from the inquiry and few would change their opinion on who lied and when.

“Mr Davey is calling for the inquiry to be into Brexit supporting individuals.’

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