Posted by John Brindley (Staff Author) Posted on 6 January 2020

Why and how Princess Diana was murdered – a spy’s sensational claims

PRINCESS DIANA  suffered no more than a cut to her thigh in her reportedly fatal car crash and was photographed ‘looking ok’ in the ambulance, according to an intelligence agent who worked on the case.

Peter Paget, who has worked for intelligence agencies throughout his adult life, explains in his autobiography that he conducted a ‘tasked investigation’ after being alerted to the crash.

‘I was on service in London that fateful night and got a telephone call very early in the morning that the ‘accident’ had happened and Diana was injured.

‘I was on the case straight away and accessed immediately all that was on the airwaves and online.

‘There in front of me was a picture taken by a member of the public of Diana, sitting up, not prone in the back of the ambulance where it had pulled over near a bridge.

‘She looked ok, was not unconscious and showed no signs of low blood pressure, as claimed from the internal heart injury, which would have had her lying down on the bed/stretcher, maybe hooked up to life support.

‘None of that was attached to her in the photo, which had come online so quickly that it could not have been faked or photoshopped.

‘That photo disappeared within hours from the web, as did certain paparazzi photos from a news agency that had been about to market them after was raided and sanitised.’

Paget offers an explanation of what happened In Paris that provides an answer to almost all the most asked questions.

He writes that the assassination had been ‘green lighted’ only ten days previously with the French Secret Service co-opted into the operation.

Paget is adamant that, contrary to some theories, neither Prince Philip nor Prince Charles initiated the operation with instead the orders coming from much lower down the food chain.

The reason was that photographs had shown Diana looking pregnant with Dodi Al-Fayed’s child and reports the couple were intending to marry and move to Miami, taking Prince William and Prince Harry with them.

Already in place assets of the French and MI6 were used including a Mercedes from the fleet that services the Paris Ritz that had previously been reported stolen and ‘re-rigged on the cruise control, the second throttle control with a radio-controlled override’.

Driver Henri Paul was ‘onside’, according to Paget,  and had been ‘briefed that afternoon of the ‘accident’ as to which route he would take to ‘avoid’ the Paparazzi.

He was reportedly paid cash at the time and the money was still on him when his dead body was found.

Paul, he added, influenced the subterfuge at the hotel to divert the paparazzi, enabling him to keep well ahead of them during the ensuing car chase.

Paget added that two ‘reception vehicles’ were in place near the Alma tunnel including a dark saloon and the infamous white Fiat Uno that he confirms was driven by British agent James Andanson, who was later reported to have committee suicide in his burnt-out car.

The remote control functions of the car were then activated causing it to physically take off over the sleeping policeman at the entrance to the tunnel and land with the rear wheels rotating at high speed.

Although the driver temporarily regained control of the vehicle, he was then blinded when a high-speed motorcycle, with a rear facing pillion rider, popped off a military grade strobe flash gun.

Simultaneously the left front tyre was blown out by an implanted device and a minor collision occurred with the rear of the Fiat.

The car then ploughed into the concrete pillars of the central reservation as planned.

The rear seat belts had been disabled in previous modifications to the vehicle and Dodi was killed outright. Just in case a motorcycle operative was immediately on the scene and would have broken his neck.

Dodi was, according to Paget, the number one target in  the mission rather than Diana who somehow escaped relatively unharmed.

A French door travelling on the other side of the carriageway offered to help but medical ‘assistance’ was taken over by an ambulance that arrived mysteriously quickly. The air ambulance wasn’t called and CCTV cameras were off.

Paget writes ‘Inside speak later told me the procedure was now to sedate Diana and give her an unsolicited internal abortion of the foetus she was carrying.

He adds ‘The French medical agents in the ambulance were not trained gynaecologists and could neither find the foetus, nor get it out

‘However Diana was now bleeding internally. Drastic decisions ensued. Who or where they came from at that moment is not clear,  maybe they were taken on the field as the situation was very tight on time.

The ambulance did not go directly to accident and emergency as it was necessary to allow Diana to bleed to death. This is why, he claims, the journey was so protracted.

The foetus showed up on the x-ray which was soon lost and the British ambassador ordered that Diana’s body be embalmed so no sign of the enforced sedative, abortion attempt or pregnancy showed up.’ There were even attempts to stop the post mortem which had to happen under British Common Law.

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