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Ken Livingstone accuses Donald Trump of intervening in Iran for oil – it’s pathetic to behold

‘Ken Livingstone argued on LBC that American wars are never about creating a peaceful democracy – and Trump’s intervention in Iran by killing Soleimani is no different.

Andrew Castle asked the former Mayor of London why the left struggle to support Trump.

Livingstone replied: “I mean, all my life America been going into wars and telling us it’s all about democracy. It’s always been about America’s economic interest.

“I mean, every single American intervention in the Middle East has been a disaster. They’ve overthrown one government after another, and then 20, 30 years later, there’s still a civil war going on. Terrorism is being fed.

“I mean, literally, why I’ve always found myself on the same side with Jeremy Corbyn, we have we have voted against all the involvement in America’s wars.

“I mean, going to war in Iraq, it was all based on a lie. We’ve been told Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons but there none whatsoever.

“The reason America invaded Iraq was that it wanted control of its oil and that’s what this is all about.”

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