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Poison In Our Water

It’s a dystopian vision only the most imaginative villain could conceive. Company scientists discover the disease-causing dangers of an industrial chemical. But the multibillion-dollar corporation ignores the dangers, releases toxic sludge into the water supply, and covers up the evidence for years. 

Then the animals start to get sick, and soon the people do too because of the contaminated water. To this day, countless millions continue to be exposed to this toxic chemical. Including you and me.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a work of fiction. It’s the story of the chemical PFOA, used for years by DuPont to make non-stick cookware, and Robert Bilott’s battle for justice, brought to life in the new blockbuster movie Dark Waters.

The thing about PFOA is that it doesn’t go away, or break down easily. It seeps into groundwater and stays there for years, and accumulates in the body over time. For this reason, PFOA is known as a “forever chemical.”  

Thanks to the legal battle, the health dangers of PFOA are now known, with the Environmental Protection Agency (1) stating its effects include:

  • Cancer (kidney, testicular)
  • Low birth weight for babies
  • Accelerated puberty in children
  • Liver Damage
  • Immune System Issues (antibody production)
  • Thyroid Effects
  • High Cholesterol (2) 

The number of people affected is staggering. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) up to 110 million Americans could be drinking water contaminated with the non-stick chemicals PFOA and PFOS (3). And according to the CDC, PFOA are found in over 99% of American blood samples (5).

Thankfully, there is something you can do to remove PFOA from your body and reduce your risk of exposure to this toxin. That something is natural zeolite.

The zeolite Clinoptilolite is a negatively-charged mineral that traps positively-charged toxins within its crystalline cages, safely removing them from the body. This includes heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

In addition to trapping toxins within its cages (cationic exchange), zeolite also works for detoxification through adsorption, whereby neutral or negatively-charged toxins (like PFOA) stick to the surface area of the zeolite (4).

For this detoxification to work, a nanosized zeolite is preferred since the zeolite can travel throughout the body wherever toxins are, and the smaller particles mean a greater amount of surface area to trap toxins.

Of the hundreds of reviews of our Pure Body zeolite products, people share they have more energy, improved sleep, clear skin, less brain fog and much more. Imagine how much better you’ll feel as toxins are removed.

I use both Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength every single day to help remove the toxins I’m exposed to on a daily basis. Not only does everyone in our family take it, but we make sure to give it to our dog Boomer as pets are exposed to toxins just as much as humans.

Because this is such an important issue and I want everyone to benefit from detox, this weekend we are giving everyone $10 off the Zeolite Detox Pack which includes both Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength. And we’ll even include free shipping!

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