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What a Move to the Bay Area Has to Offer

California is a dream destination for many people since considering the way how it is depicted in movies and on photos, it reminds a true paradise. However, when it comes to real-life experience, not everything looks so adorable and inspiring. Only a few people manage to survive in the Bay Area and achieve a certain level of success there. The reason for that is a lack of understanding of what you should expect when you move to the sunny state and how reality looks like. This article will focus on the things you should consider when you turn to the moving company in the Bay Area for you to understand what it can offer to newcomers.

  1. Employment opportunities

The Bay Area jobs can boast one of the most significant increases and now they have reached the number 4.1 million. Moreover, there are record-low unemployment rates determined in 2019, so it will not take much time for an experienced professional to find a well-paid job here. The salaries in the Bay Area are also higher than the median salary of the US and the difference is significant – about $20,000.

  1. Huge expenses

When you arrive in California and move closer to the Bay Area you see a significant difference in the way people live there. If you live in one of the small cities of California and earn enough to live wealthily, this money can be not enough to survive in one of the Bay Area destinations. You should remember that despite the fact that the main thing to influence the cost of living index is housing, it does not mean that the rest of the services and purchases are reasonably priced. In fact, you will have to pay an awesome rent, expensive utilities, transportation fees, buy goods that are more expensive, and pay more for entertainment since it is also a tourist center. For example, if you are a single or a family who lived in the Bay Area, it would cost you $2,000 more than living outside it. 

  1. Various entertainment and leisure activities

California shoreline is a Mecca for entertainment and fun since you can find almost everything here. San Francisco metropolitan area is home to multiple museums, theatres, cultural centers as well as a great place to have fun. There are numerous cafes, bars, restaurants, an abundance of outdoor activities connected with water and mountain trips. You will simply have no time to feel bored because the number of events, festivals taking place here is really overwhelming. If you are a fan of sports, you will find multiple places to let your hair down too.

  4. Homelessness, smell, and dirt

Despite picturesque sceneries and urban ways of life, the Bay Area is home to over 28,000 homeless people who follow you each time you leave your home. It seems that they are everywhere and you need to put much effort to stop spotting them each time you go outside. Along with the problem of homelessness, there is great trouble with the unbearable smell, dirt, rubbish in the streets. One more consequence of such a situation is a great number of crimes such as thefts, robberies, burglaries that make living in California far from being secure. When you see another side of this medal, you realize that you can hardly call this place a paradise and this picture is very disappointing.

5. Terrific traffic

Could you ever believe that you can spend 10% of your life commuting around the Bay Area? As you can understand, it may take several hours a day to get to your workplace and back if you do that in rush hours. However, it can be challenging to get anywhere even if you do that at any other time. The average commute time in the Bay Area has already beaten a 30-minute record and it varies depending on the means of transportation used. However, it is possible to say for sure that you should be ready to get up early, turn up home later, stand in long queues and live in traffic jams if you move to the Bay Area. 

  6. Multiple nationalities

If to call the Bay Area population diverse, it means to say nothing about it. Millions of people live in this place and only a small percentage of them are true native Californians, let alone Americans. However, if you walk in the crowd, you will hardly be capable of finding a person who looks like an American. There is a huge percentage of Hispanic, African, and Asian populations. Moreover, these nationalities have already mixed their blood and it is very difficult to understand who is native in this area. The Bay Area is home to Mexican Salvadoran, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese and many other nationalities. 

   7. Tasty and diverse foods

Such diversity in the population and cultures has made an enormous impact on the food scene served in the Bay Area. Here you can try almost everything, so there is no need to travel across the globe if you want to taste some delicacies. It is enough to remember It Ice Cream Sandwich with a hundred-year history and numerous tastes of popcorn served there. Other dishes characterizing this area are cruffin, tacos, Irish coffee, local wines, cheese, Pho, burritos, oysters and other seafood. Their diversity is incredible, so prepare that a good deal of your budget will be spent on food, undoubtedly!

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