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7 Benefits Of Green Office Cleaning


Keeping your office space clean is not really something you have a choice about.

You might get busy and fall behind in your chores, but there’s a difference between a little dust and letting an environment get completely unsanitary.

So, keeping cleaning supplies around is a necessary thing on your shopping list, and using them regularly needs to be on your to-do list. However, the question then becomes whether or not to use whatever the market shelves have to offer, or do you discriminate and choose something friendly to the Earth and the environment?

Here are 7 benefits of green cleaning products.

Cut down on indoor air pollution

Indoor air pollution is thought of as something that can be as much as 5 to 12 times worse than outdoor air pollution. This can have an impact on your employee’s health. When you skip hard chemicals for less abrasive green cleaning products, you’re doing your nose and lungs a favour, which is particularly useful if anyone working in your office space has allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

Eco Consciousness

It’s hard for a lot of people to grasp global issues like pollution, just given the size of the topic, but green cleaning products are a chance to start teaching them about small individual choices they can make. Incorporating green cleaning products into your office cleaning regime is the first step, after all, it’s probably the place you spend most of your day, aside from sleeping.

Pet Friendly

These days, with the new laws regarding ESA’s (emotional support animals) and stores changing policies about bringing in pets, we need to be thinking about keeping them safe as well. Pets do not have shoes or clothes between them and most of the things they touch, and they by nature touch a lot more of the surfaces than you do. They’re also there more hours of each day. Keep their roaming area pristine.

Let your carpet lasts longer

Carpets absorb many of the scents and chemicals that are in the air of your home or business, and that includes cleaning products. Even air sprays and anything sprayed over tables or counter tops as a mist can wind up being absorbed by the fibers. Natural, green products are going to be far less harsh on rugs and carpet, so they do not deteriorate as fast as if you use conventional cleaners.

Protect wastewater

Many cleaning products do not just evaporate or dissipate magically once they are used. Much of their content winds up in wastewater, which is eventually sent into the world’s water supply, going into streams and rivers that lead to oceans. What does not just sit in the oceans comes back up as acidic rain in some parts of the world. Green cleaning supplies are seriously less detrimental to your region’s wastewater and far more likely to be cleaned out with the treatment methods applied.

Prevent accidents

Many standard or conventional cleaning products use artificial chemicals. Many are relatively safe, but they do come with poison warnings for skin and eye contact or ingestion. Some even come with very harsh chemicals and compounds, and when used incorrectly, they can hurt property and people. That’s not to say green cleaning supplies are safe to drink, but the chances of an incident are much lower.

Cater to your customers

Being environmentally conscious is not some growing trend among consumers any more. As a matter of fact, research and statistics demonstrate that over half of them now prefer to do business with companies that make caring for the environment, or at least showing sensitivity and compassion to it. It’s easy to oversell the fact that your locations use green products for cleaning, but it’s worth an occasional mention when trying to woo or retain clients.

The next time you need to buy cleaning supplies for your home or business, remember these 7 benefits of green office cleaning when doing your shopping.

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