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Essential Gardening Tools That Every Gardener Must Have

Gardening is one of the most therapeutic jobs, even if you are just taking care of your backyard garden. The entire process from sowing seeds to nurturing plants and watching them grow and the bloom is an unexplainable experience. Moreover, not only gardening yourself can help keep your garden presentable and neat, but it can also save you money on hiring expensive gardening companies. Many people with backyard spaces and terraces love to manage their gardens. However, it is important to understand that Gardening is not all about having a hose reel and watering the plants.  You need to have the right set of tools to have fruitful and rewarding gardening experience. 


Gardening will require you to work a lot with soil and compost, and you will have to use your hands as a tool for the large part of work when handling soil. Handling natural soil means you might come in contact with rocks, stones, nails, pests and insects and other harmful impurities. Gloves will keep your hands protected from coming in contact with anything that might harm you and work with ease and comfort. When choosing your pair of gloves, make sure you pick the right fit and the right material. Having a perfect fit is important to minimize the chances of accidents such as slipping. Make sure the material of your gloves is lightweight, breathable but water resistance. Wash your gloves after every use and store them in a clean safe space away from insects.


When your lawn, trees, and plants will start to grow you will notice certain plants going out of controls. The vines will grow out of shape, dead branches, wild weeds, and haphazard plant growths are all normal occurrences and they require regular pruning to keep them healthy and in shape. Secateurs are pruning shears that are designed to assist you with different types of pruning. Make sure to educate yourself about different types of Secateurs and learn how to use them for the best results.  


Trowels are great assistance when you have to cut out weeds or prepare beds for planting or transplanting pants from container to beds. It is a common practice in gardening to sow seeds in movable planters and later transplant them in bigger pots or beds once the seeds germinate. Trowels are available in different sizes and materials. It is recommended that you get a stainless-steel trowel with a longer handle for a good grip.


Digging up the soil, removing soil, making holes and plowing the bedding, all require a shovel. Spades are best for perfect shoveling needs. They are available in different sizes and materials but the ones with longer handles give you more convenience. Spades are available in all price brackets but it is recommended that you get a good quality one that will last you longer and will have better work efficiency.


Gardening requires lots of moving around soil, boulders, planters and other materials. Wheelbarrows make this job much easier by giving you a vehicle to load everything that you need to transport. When buying a wheelbarrow consider the material, the wheels and the labor it will require  

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