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4 Tips to buying the Top Rated Steel Toe Work Boots for 2020

The feet are responsible for one’s overall balance, body posture, and mobility. In fact, your feet can be categorized as one of the most critical parts of the body yet the most ignored.  Yearly reports on workplace injuries published by the Bureau of Labour Statistics indicate that approximately 60,000 people have to miss work annually due to foot-related injuries. 


The requirement of proper safety gear, such as protective footwear, is one of the measures that employers have put in place to mitigate the occurrence of workplace-related injuries proactively. 


Several vital pointers that will land you the best steel toe work boots to include in your collection of personal protective equipment include: 


  • Lookout for steel toe work boots specifically designed for your job


The risk and degree of possible foot-related injuries vary from varies from one industry to another. For example, workers in the construction industry face high chances of sustaining foot injuries as a result of hazards characterizing their entire working place. Their feet are at the risk of colliding with heavy stationary or falling objects, sustaining injuries while climbing ladders, and much more.  


Compared to workers in the construction industry, employees in the foot, retail, and related occupations can suffer less hazardous foot injuries such as blisters, dry feet, bruised toenails, and burns under worst-case scenarios. Consequently, whereas welding work boots are an ideal choice for a laborer in the construction industry, the foot and retail industry would demand a different type of safety shoes. 


  • Scrutinize the safety features


Protecting the feet from various potential hazards present at the workplace is the primary reason for buying steel toe safety boots. Consequently, you need to examine the safety attributes of the shoes in consideration of your work surroundings carefully. For instance, if you work in an environment characterized by objects that can fall from above the feet, heat, welding spray, sharp objects, and corrosive liquids, you need work boots that protect you against all these threats without undermining any of them.


  • Do not compromise on your comfort


Select work boots that will not feel uncomfortable to wear throughout the working hours, which may sometimes be prolonged. A few observations that will ensure comfort include:


  • Opt for the right size of shoes in such a way that the toe caps do not press against your toes
  • If your feet tend to be sweaty, choose work boots with moisture-wicking interior material
  • Look for safety boots with insoles that provide adequate arch support for your feet
  • Ensure complete foot coverage that accommodates swelling feet during high temperatures



  • You get what you pay for


The lifespan, safety, and comfort features of safety boots are usually critical determinants in the overall price of the footwear. For that reason, work boots with less sophisticated features tend to retail at lower prices compared to those promising more durability, safety, and comfort. Nevertheless, you should not opt for work boots that will save you a few bucks at the expense of your safety and comfort. 


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