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What are the Types of Email Marketing?

To begin, you need to know the different types of email marketing and how to use each purpose. Making the correct use of this tool is the first step for the sale to be concluded later consult with email marketing experts.

Promotional Email

As its name says, this email seeks to promote an offer. It can be both to disseminate products and services and to announce the download of educational materials, such as eBooks and whitepapers. In this model, the text is usually accompanied by many images. You must be careful not to leave the material very visually heavy.


Its objective is to share content that your company makes available on blogs and social networks. It has a more informative character, with longer texts and presence of links that lead to the website. It is important that your brand is well visible in these materials. An alternative is to insert a header with the logo of the organization.

Transactional Emails

They are the emails sent “by customer request”; such as requesting a new password after registering. These are usually more direct and shorter, because that type of communication does not consume the daily sending limits of your professional email. An important tip is to use specific tools such as SendGrid or a Postmark.


One way to build customer loyalty is to send a welcome email when he starts using a service or service. In this form, it is essential to make a personalized text. Generally sent by the CEO or marketing manager, that message should have a personal presentation and a summary of the company’s performance. Do not forget to add all possible forms of contact (websites, facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc).

How to create a successful communication strategy

Now that you know what the different email marketing models are, we are going to present some techniques for your strategy to work.

1. Have a professional website and email

The digital presence is important because it generates credibility, recognition and helps to sell more. When we want to know a brand better, we enter a website or access its social networks. Profissional email indicates that your company is committed to communication. Instead of using the provider’s name (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) you can opt for a custom domain. HostGator Web Hosting plans offer unlimited professional email accounts.

2. Never buy email lists

Contact lists (also called mailing) are your most important asset. In order for your leads to become customers it is necessary to build a relationship; and we know that this does not happen in the blink of an eye. In addition to not contributing to establish a relationship of trust, purchased lists often come with old, non-existent e-mails or people who are not interested in your business.

3. Have tests constantly

Communication work is basically a succession of attempts, errors and successes. Check the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy by testing. Build different templates, send them at different times, make texts with varied content, be creative with the titles. The analysis of the results of these texts are the ones that will indicate which model had greater acceptance by your client and is the ideal for your company. This practice facilitates the following contact with the client.

4. Make a shipping schedule

As well as the sales or financial area, communications also need to be structured. Maintain an organization schedule for sending e-mail marketing, adapted to the sales funnel. Define which issues will be treated and how they should reach the public. Ideally, the first contact be more direct and explanatory. As the relationship is built, it sends more specific content about certain products / services.

5. Invest in customization

Think that your clients receive an infinity of communication materials every day. They are emails from different companies and about the most varied types of products you can imagine. Without a personalized contact, surely your material will go directly to the trash. It is necessary to create empathy with your audience, make it clear that you know their needs and have a correct solution.

Those are some techniques that will help your company attract the attention of customers and potential customers; and therefore, they will help you increase sales. Finally, remember:

  • Keep your mailing always updated.
  • Accompany the results of each shipment.
  • Remove contacts that never open your email marketing.
  • Invest in a list rich in quality and not quantity.

Do you have doubts about the creation of websites, web hosting or how to develop a good email marketing strategy? Write us in the comments!

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