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The Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burns are one of the most serious injuries that can transpire due to the extensive damage that can occur, even hours after the original burn has happened. There are many causes of burns, and it may be that you have been burnt in an incident that was not your fault. Understanding the common causes of burn injuries, how to treat them, and what to do next will ensure that you get treatment quickly and understand the legalities when it comes to proving a burn injury was due to another party’s negligence.


A burn injury occurs when chemicals, fire or even friction causes damage to the skin. This can happen over many layers, and there are different classifications of burns depending on how many layers of the skin it has damaged. The most common cause of burns is heat. This may be from a fire or hot liquid. You may suffer with a burn following a car crash, a work-related incident, or a building fire. A chemical burn occurs when your skin comes into contact with anything that is known to cause damage. Chemical burns can be the hardest to determine as mild chemicals may not burn straight away, but can cause damage over several hours. Chemical burns often happen within work, at school or in the home. 


For any burn, the first thing you need to do is cool it. If the burn is severe, call an ambulance straight away while applying cold water on the burn for at least 20 minutes. Don’t use ice cold water, use lukewarm or cool water only. If the burn is over a large portion of the body, do what you can to cool the patient. You can use ibuprofen as a temporary pain relief as this will help with inflammation. Be sure to remove anything from the burn area including jewelry or clothes, as these can become stuck to the skin, causing further damage. Be sure to keep warm, as burns make the body’s internal temperature decrease. Cover with cling film and sit upright. Be aware of toxic shock syndrome and the symptoms that may occur. 

What to Do When the Burn Injury Was Someone Else’s Fault

If you were burnt due to someone else’s negligence, you may well be entitled to compensation. Burn injuries occur every day, and this could be due to a product being mislabeled or an accident at work. Once you have gotten treatment, find a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in their field, who can provide you with information and help you to recover money for missed work, medical costs and the pain and suffering caused by the burn injury. You cannot fight the case alone unless you have extensive knowledge in law, and so finding a lawyer allows you to rest and recover knowing your case is in good hands.

Burn injuries can range from mild to extremely severe. Ensure you treat the burn straight away and get medical attention. Then speak to a personal injury lawyer who can fight your case. 

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