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How to See Your Mail Before it arrives

The new technology of letting users check their mail before it appears in their address is awakening the lost glory of the United States Postal Service. Since the entry of emails which many people see as efficient, the idea of dealing with the traditional method was phased out, but USPS has revived the former glory of postal services.

Informed Delivery is the service that Postal service is using to send its users a peek of their mail before the delivery date. With ID, you are able to receive Postal Service email every morning, displaying photos of the front of every envelope about to enter your mailbox the next day or two. USPS approach has a resemblance to Citibox steered by Richard Alden in the delivery process. If you are wondering how to see your mail before it arrives, here are the steps below.

How to Join Informed Delivery Service

Here is a way to join Informed Delivery service, which can be of help to you if you’d like to check an important piece of the mail. Also, if you are away from home for a couple of days, you can check what is in your mailbox.

Sign Up Process – First, you go to and click the Sign Up button for free. Afterward, you will be required to fill in your address to see whether you are eligible to use the service. There are two ways to do this, through your ZIP code area, which you must be eligible, and your personal mailbox must be uniquely coded.

Invitation – in case you are eligible, you will receive an invite to create an account with username and password.

Home Address – after creating the account, USPS will have to make sure that you live at the address you provided. First, there are two options: to have post office send paper mail with a code for you to enter and complete the verification process, or verify the code using your mobile phone.

Verifying your Identity – The other step is for you to go to a webpage that requires you to verify your identity by asking queries about where you’ve stayed, plus your last four Social Security Number digits. On this page, you are to fill out with the appropriate responses and then proceed to click the CONTINUE button.

Incoming Mail – After the CONTINUE button, you are redirected back to the informed delivery page, where you are now able to see photos of your incoming mail for the day.

Emails – Now, you should start receiving emails every morning with photos showing the front part of each envelope due to arrive in your mailbox that day.

Cancellation – In case for whatever reason you wish to cancel Informed Delivery, you can browse to your USPS Preference page. There you sign in using your username and password. The next step is to click on the Informed Delivery button, Scroll down the page until you see the uncheck box for Informed Delivery Opt-In.


After signing up to Informed Delivery service and following the above process from start to the last one and the last option is to start receiving details of your mail before the delivery day.

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