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How you can have your eyelids fixed

The eye region is an important part of your face, which gives your face much of its aesthetic appeal and beauty. People may feel embarrassed by their drooping eyelids, or they may have some type of eyelid deformity that needs to be corrected.

Drooping eyelids is something that can happen as you age as the skin starts to sag and droop and fat accumulates in some areas to a greater extent than before. The sagging skin also may compromise your peripheral vision in time. A good option is to consider having a blepharoplasty done. This is a cosmetic procedure that is done specifically on the eyelids.

Blepharoplasty can also help if you have bags under your eyes besides helping with the drooping eyelids. Health insurance plans may not cover the procedure unless it is compromising your vision and so in many cases you can expect to have to pay for the procedure yourself.

You can consult with a specialist at a clinic such as the Vera Clinic to find out more about blepharoplasty and if this procedure would be a good idea for you and your particular situation.

In the meantime, you should focus on eating healthy, nutritious food and keeping yourself healthy as you cannot have surgery if you are in poor health. Nutrition is important as is getting enough sleep and quitting bad habits such as smoking. Bad habits can often make you age even faster and poor nutrition makes it more likely you will become sick in the future. It also helps to eat properly when you prepare for the surgery so that your body has a good chance of healing well afterwards.

How a blepharoplasty is done

Surgeons will usually work on the upper eyelids first and then the lower eyelids. The surgical incisions are generally made where the natural creases in the skin are, which helps minimize any scarring afterward since the cuts will be largely hidden in the folded skin.

After cutting the skin, the surgeon then carefully removes excess fat and skin, and maybe some muscle, so that the eyelid will no longer droop. The same process is repeated for the lower eyelids once the upper eyelids have been done, if needed.

Risks and recovery of eyelid surgery

It is important to realize that there are risks associated with the surgery, but provided you are in good health and you carefully follow the directions of the doctor, the risks should be minimal. There may be a temporary loss of vision, blurred vision, scarring, and possibly difficulty closing the eyelids.

After the surgery you may some pain and discomfort and there may be bruising. There may also be some temporary vision problems as well. Tissues may also swell but this along with any bruising should go away after a couple of days. Ice packs can help with swelling of the tissues and the doctor can advise on what other steps you can take to speed up your recovery. You definitely should not smoke before or after the surgery since smoking will compromise the ability of your tissues to heal.


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