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Why Buying Instagram Followers Could Be a Good Idea

Growing your Instagram following is the only way to thrive on the platform. The number of followers you have serves as a sort of social proof, indicating that your brand is worth looking into. If you have a few thousand followers or fewer, it’s likely that consumers will pass by your profile and move on to a competitor’s with more followers. 

Naturally, you’re looking for ways to grow your following. You’ve probably come across the idea to buy active Instagram followers to make your profile look more compelling. 

If you’ve Googled this or asked someone whether or not it’s a good idea, you’ve probably been barraged with reasons why not to do so. While these naysayers likely have a few valid points, they may be neglecting the fact that there is value in buying Instagram followers if you do it the right way. 

Here’s an honest and open look into the advantages of buying Instagram followers to boost your brand. 

Your Follower Count Will Immediately Jump 

After you’ve bought Instagram followers and likes, you’ll almost immediately see the impact on your bio. Your follower count will jump and your posts will get more likes. 

Sometimes, you can even buy comments to go with your photos. This is somewhat of a risky practice because most purchased comments involve bots using AI to respond to your post. Unfortunately, that can lead to comments that are out of context, such as a smiley face comment that’s inappropriate for a sad story. 

Still, you’ll get the instant growth that you were looking for. For brands that are struggling to get off the ground or to make the jump to the next 10,000+ followers, this boost can be invaluable! It will make your account look great, and it will give you renewed confidence to keep building your brand on Instagram.  

You’ll Have the Social Proof You Need to Get Going 

As mentioned previously, the number of Instagram followers you have matters to those who will follow your brand. If you have someone who’s skeptical of the value you’ll provide, a dingy follower count might just scare them away. 

Imagine this scenario. You’re scrolling through your newsfeed when you see a photo your friend posted featuring her wearing a brand-new pair of designer shoes. You love the shoes, and of course, you always need more shoes, so you head to the bio to check out their stuff. 

Upon arriving at this brand’s bio, you see a few more pictures of these designer shoes. You like what you see on a basic level, but you’re wondering if it’s the real deal or a brand that sells off-brand, low quality shoes that take a month to ship because they’re made on the other side of the world. 

So, you look at the follower count to see if they can be trusted. We all do it. We all check to see how popular a brand is before we buy into the craze. Imagine you see a measly follower account of 1,430. Would you trust that this brand is worth your time? Maybe if you really liked the shoes, but you’d also be somewhat worried that it would be a waste of time and money if you bought the shoes. 

On the flipside, imagine if the account has 15,000 followers. It’s nothing compared to Nike, but this is a significant number of followers, indicating that it’s a niche-specific market that you can trust. So, you buy the shoes without a second thought. 

It’s all about social proof, which in turn, boosts the Instagram algorithm in your favor. Your customers and loyal followers are checking to see if you’re worth their time, and size really does matter in this case. 

Famous People Do It 

Before you buy into the idea that you can’t get really big on Instagram without buying follower, look at the long list of celebrities that have purchased followers in the past. There’s a long list of top influencers on social media who have successfully purchase followers and developed a thriving account as a result. 

The list of celebrities, politicians, athletes, comedians, and other famous people who have purchased followers includes: 

  • Ariana Grande 
  • Ray Lewis 
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Taylor Swift 
  • Kathy Ireland
  • Barack Obama
  • Martha Lane Fox 
  • Paul Hollywood
  • Lori Greiner 
  • Mitt Romney
  • Oprah Winfrey

The list goes on and on! These Instagram accounts are living proof that you can buy fake followers and succeed with your Instagram strategy. 

You’re Responsible for Maintaining Organic Engagement 

Buying Instagram followers can be a highly effective strategy if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to maintain the organic engagement that results from it. Otherwise, the prospect will be a bust, and your account may be banned or collapse as a result. 

You see, purchased Instagram followers are a great idea when you’re trying to gain social proof when your follower count is in a lull. It can bring potential followers to your door, but it won’t keep them there if your account isn’t worth their time. If you’re only using fake engagement and likes, sooner or later your followers will figure it out. At the very least, they’ll unfollow you, but some might report it and get your account shut down. 

Instagram users follow brands because they feel it adds some value to their lives. Your account should overflow with high-value posts from compelling images with engaging captions to detailed stories containing tips and tricks for your specific industry. 

The act of buying Instagram followers will certainly bring more people to your brand. They’ll hit the follow button based on what you’re promising to give them and the number of followers you have. But it won’t take long for them to realize you really don’t have much to say, and you’ll end up right where you started again. True, lasting engagement can’t be bought. 

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