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The best free DVD backup software 2019

Although data shows that the sales of DVDs around the world are going down year by year, folks believe that it will never go to $0.00. Streaming video is convenience and prevailing nowadays, but new releases of streaming video are often delayed and with fewer titles compared to the physical media releases. An even greater failure is that the network does not always have enough speed for every area to handle the streaming movies. Also, many people buy just out of habit and they like owning a physical disc that gives them a sense of ownership of the movie. 

For all of the reasons, enthusiasts still buy DVDs and proud with their DVD collections don’t even want to lose any of them. But you see, according to Murphy’s low, “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. It is very possible that DVDs may go scratched while using, damaged when you take it to enjoy with friends or just lost it agnostically. To avoid happening those tragedies, the only thing need to do is to use DVD copy software to make a backup of DVDs. 

Benefits of DVD backup:

1. make digital copy in case of DVD scratches and damages

DVDs may not only accidentally scratch while you pick it up and place it, but even repeated usage will shorten the service life of them. Make a digital copy of DVD, so you don’t need to take out and put it on the player to worry about wear any detail of your favorite DVD cover such as conners and stamps, or scratches and damages its crisp sliver side. It especially one of the best ways to protect your older, more obscure or world-class movie. 

2. save rooms that occupied by piles of DVD discs

Stack piles of DVD discs up on the shelf seems pretty cool but considered to room space, sometimes it also looks narrow and crowded and hard to do some clean when gaps in the DVDs were covered with dust. Rip your DVD collection into the digital copy to save rooms and you can easily take them with you anywhere, no matter you are going traveling or making a move. 

3. conveniently manage and assort digital DVD movies

From top to button, left to right, you look at your DVDs to find the one you want again, and repeated this action again. If you have a mess DVD collection, you need to find a desk to help and spend much more time on it. Backup DVDs to the computer, it is convenient to manage and assort digital DVD movies on the screen by their titles, and just a glance over you can find you wanted one in few seconds.  

4. successfully playback scratched DVDs and region-locked bought from abroad

It is the last thing you want to happen that you have a memorable DVD and can no longer play in any case. Use DVD copy software to cover the unreadable parts is a prompted scenario, even some powerful software could rip the badly scratched parts by its unique technical treatment method. 

Also, It is accessible to play region-locked DVDs which bought from abroad by ripping them for playback on any player to terminate the limitations. After a long time waiting for shipping but you cannot paly your DVD which was bought from abroad, it is a waste of time, effort and money.

The Best Free DVD Backup Software:

Once you are prepared to digitize your DVDs, no matter out of any reason, of course, you want a powerful, professional and effective DVD backup software, try WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to meet all of your needs. 

Now, you can get a free license code from its Holiday Giveaway event to try all of its features, and you can enjoy its amazing special offer. Also, WinX Holiday Special Pack is given for a complete multi-media solution. Check to free get licensed WinX DVD Ripper to Copy DVD. 

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum supports digitizing all types of old and new homemade, Hollywood, Disney kids, TV drama, workout DVDs to videos, especially professional in handling intractable DVD. Its unique Level-3 hardware acceleration tech has low requirements of computer configuration that can fast rip a whole DVD in just 5 minutes.

With the high-quality engine and deinterlacing tech, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum delivers lossless output video quality, no audio out of sync with video, FPS drops, and aspect ratio change errors. Its richest output formats supports rip DVDs to MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, MP3 and all models of TV, computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc., so you can play your favorite DVDs anywhere anytime. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about losing DVD and buy it again, just rip it into 1:1 ISO image, so you can burn it into DVD and maintain all the details of the original one.

Want to try the best Free DVD Backup Software? Take part in the giveaway now and get a free license now! 

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