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3 Tips to Protect Your Child against Sexual Abuse

In a perfect world, we would be able to let our children grow and have fun without interrupting their lives. But alas, the world in not perfect, and child abuse is a real thing. No matter how much the media downplays it, the cases of child abuse have been on the rise in recent years. To think that there are people out there who have the nerve and audacity to hurt innocent souls is an alarming thing.

Sexual harassment, identity theft, kidnapping, bullying, hate groups – these are only some of the dangers our children have to face in today’s world. For the sake of their safety and your peace of mind, here are 3 tips that every parent must use to minimize the risk of child abuse.

Monitor His Online Presence

The internet has become a widely used platform for predators and pedophiles. There are so many ways to get in touch with a stranger online. Tell him never to reveal his identity to a stranger and make sure you know who he is talking to. In most cases, parents go for monitoring apps like Famisafe, which are built to prevent cyber bullying, block certain apps, keep track of who your child talks to, limit his screen time, and, most importantly, track his location. By availing the SENSOFF coupon, which gets you 20% off on the app, you can easily monitor everything your child does and prevent any disasters in an affordable way. 

Teach Them about Sexual Abuse

A knowledgeable child has the power to shrug off a pedophile. Teach your kids the name of different body parts. Most sexual predators trick children by using different names for body parts. He may be able to prevent a sexual attack if he knows that someone is trying to lure him to do something bad. 

It is also a helpful exercise to teach your kids a good touch from a bad one. They must never let anyone touch them in the wrong place. And lastly, you must notice if there is anything weird about them. A kid suffering from sexual abuse may tend to get a bit secretive and have sudden outbursts of anger. If your child suddenly has a lot of mood swings or a personality change, you must confront him right away. 

Keep a Keen Eye on Your Child

We have immersed ourselves in our daily routines up to a point where we ignore most of what our kids are up to. If you want to avoid any unforeseen incidents, you must never leave your child with a stranger alone unsupervised. Always make sure that you or someone you trust is keeping an eye on him when he is with a stranger. Make sure that your child is not too trusting with strangers and never let them get too close to them. Ask them how their day went and if anything unusual happened. Kids at a young age can’t differentiate good from bad, and you must educate them to know the difference between the two. 

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