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Is CBD an Antioxidant?

The ability of cannabinoids to be oxidized readily suggests that they may possess antioxidant properties.

First things first, what is an antioxidant? You will have been sure to have heard this word used on various advertisements for foods and beverages, health and beauty products, maybe even CBD products, and you know that antioxidants are good for you – but what exactly are they?

Antioxidants are substances which inhibit oxidation, particularly of food products in the body. Oxidation might not necessarily sound bad, after all isn’t oxygen meant to be good for us. However, this process creates a waste product called free radicals, which can be particularly harmful for the human body.

Oxidation causes oxygen atoms in the body to split into single atoms. Oxygen atoms are not meant to be separated like this so will go looking for a pair, but when they are in this single state they are called free radicals. 

When searching for a partner free radicals steal electrons which destabilizes and causes damage to cells, proteins, and DNA. This activity is associated with diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s – amongst others.

The root causes of oxidation and free radicals in our bodies surround us in our lifestyle and the world around us. From fried foods and alcohol to tobacco smoke, pesticides, and air pollutants. Links have also been drawn between states of emotional stress and an increased presence of free radicals in the body.

To counter the potentially damaging effects of free radicals the body needs antioxidants. Acting as a stabilizer, antioxidants will give out an oxygen molecule to balance the free radical. Thanks to the antioxidant, free radicals will no longer be roaming the body to steal molecules and wreak havoc.

Traditionally, vitamins C and E have been considered some of the strongest antioxidants. Foods and superfoods often associated with antioxidant properties include fruit and vegetables: blueberries, goji berries, raspberries, kale and spinach. Beans and pulses are also considered a stable of a high antioxidant body.

But we must address the question that we’re all here for, is CBD an antioxidant?

Research has been carried out and is emerging which shows that the cannabidiol atomic structure contains a spare oxygen atom. This atom can be safely donated to a free radical to neutralise it, thus making CBD an antioxidant.CBD is available in many different forms and can be accomodated and adapted to anyone’s tastes. Popular means of consumption include CBD oils, CBD sprays, CBD capsules and vapes and other CBD products For topical application check out CBD skincare ranges.

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