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What is Cannabis and its various effects

What is Cannabis?

FYI, cannabis is a hemp plant which carries many beneficial and medicinal properties. According to Indian Ayurveda, the cannabis plant is considered to be one of the most sacred plants in the world. It has been used to make medicines since ancient time. But we get the images of dried leaves packed in a dispensary when hearing term cannabis. So basically, when the leaves of the plant are dried they can be used to smoke and we call it pot smoking and whatever. The seeds of the plant are also used in making several products.

Cannabis has more than a hundred and four compounds and yet research may found more in the future but the main two compounds among them are THC and CBD. THC is the short name of Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD refers to Cannabidiol. These two ingredients in the THC are responsible for the multi-billion of the cannabis market. Let’s see how?

Cannabis is legalized for most two purposes which are the medicinal purpose and recreational use. So, THC is the compound of the plant which is responsible for getting you high when you smoke – recreational usage. It gives the feeling of ecstasy and relaxes your brain. Whenever a person smokes budget buds, he may feel relaxed and get high. THC is responsible for this feeling. You might have seen the percentage of THC on the packaging of the weed available in the market or get Canada weed dispensary. On the other hand, CBD does the opposite of THC. CBD carries all the medical properties and it reduces the anxiety which can be the side effects of THC. Medicines to treat several medical conditions are made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant. There hasn’t been a long time since the legalization of cannabis so the studies regarding the effects of marijuana on the brain in the long run or short run are limited. But most of the studies show that CBD can be helpful in the development of the brain of the children suffering from medical conditions.

Effects of Cannabis

Here, by the effects of cannabis, we mean to say about the various effects of smoking cannabis, weed, pot, marijuana, or whatever you call it. First thing is that smoking anything or rather say any smoke inhaled is bad for the lungs and create other health problems. So if you smoke weed then it is bad for lungs but some researchers have shown that pot smoking is less dangerous than smoking tobacco.

Smoking marijuana may help to treat chronic pain and management of other chronic symptoms. And it obviously changes the mood of the abuser. Smoking marijuana can relax your mind and help to get you better sleep. So marijuana can also be helpful in treating insomnia. The most talked effect of smoking weed is “munchies”. After smoking pot, the person may have a strong appetite and he/she can eat more than what their capacity is. That’s why many people use it as a natural appetizer instead of turinabol.  Several findings have suggested that often use of weed for these above-mentioned purposes may not have adverse effects on pulmonary function just like tobacco.

Some people and medical experts have also recommended cannabis as an alternative treatment of cancer. Cannabis is believed to kill the cancer stem cells so it can be alternative to chemotherapy. Several studies suggest that apart from helping in vomiting, nausea, anxiety, and other physical problems Cannabis is helpful in psychological and mental conditions such as autism, bipolar disorder, depression, mental disorder, and others. But before buying weed for sale from online dispensary to treat any medical condition you need to consult your doctor.

As we said there are several side effects of pot smoking pot on the lungs. Apart from that anxiety, increase in heart rate, depression, and dryness and redness in eyes are some of the negative effects of cannabis. It is less addictive than alcohol and tobacco but if still someone gets addicted to it then withdrawal effects like insomnia, weak decision power, and anxiety remain for like a week or two.


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