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How to Promote Your Hemp CBD Oil Business

When we hear the term CBD (cannabinoid), the first thing that pops into our heads is marijuana (think of cannabis). However, there are many different species of cannabis, and marijuana is just one of them. Sadly, because of the negative connotations attached to marijuana use, all cannabis plants get a bad rap.

And by the way, CBD is present in hundreds of plants, including black pepper, cacao, flaxseed, broccoli and so on!

In 2018, the US government passed a Farm Bill that legalized the use of hemp-derived (another species of the cannabis plant) CBD across the nation. Hemp and hemp oil has been around for thousands of years. It has proved to have many medicinal uses, especially in pain relief, anxiety relief, and neurological disorders, especially with the use of broad-spectrum hemp CBD oil.

Unfortunately, because of the confusion about the different species of CBD, it is challenging to market your Hemp CBD oil business.

Marketing Your Hemp CBD Oil Business

Therefore, here are a few tips to help you with promoting your business so that others will become aware of the difference in products:

  1. Influencer Marketing

This is a type of social media marketing that involves getting your product endorsed by influencers – people or organizations that are considered to be experts in the industry or social influencers.

When choosing an influencer to promote your product, think about your target audience. There are times when an influencer with a niche audience is more effective than someone with a wider reach.

  1. Native Advertising

In this type of advertising, you create a paid ad that matches the function, as well as look and feel of where it will appear. They look more like a part of the editorial flow of that webpage.

These ads can appear in your social media platform’s newsfeed, in search listings (the paid ads at the top of your Google search page), and content recommendations.

So, you need to find online publications that match your product profile and advertise there.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Another powerful, low-risk method of marketing your broad-spectrum hemp CBD oil business is via affiliate marketing. This is a performance-based marketing strategy where you reward your affiliates to every customer or visitor that they bring to you to buy your products.

The effort is the affiliate’s, so you save on a lot of costs while increasing your customer base. 

  1. Podcast Ads

This is one of the key tools in digital marketing. Instead of image ads, audio ads can convey a lot more, not just in terms of information, but also connecting emotionally with your customers.

The downside to podcast marketing is that is can be expensive.

  1. Content Syndication

Another marketing strategy that can work is content syndication. In this strategy, you get your website’s content published on third party sites, either as complete renditions or as summaries.

Content can include your blog posts, infographics, videos, and so on. It’s pretty much a barter agreement – the third-party website gets free content, and you get a larger audience to create awareness about your product. It’s a cost-effective way to market your small business.

In this day and age, your focus should be the digital world. This means creating your own website as well as having an online store.

Most social media platforms will ban your account as soon as you mention the term CBD for your ad. So, creativity will be vital in being able to market your product. And organic search strategies (read: SEO) and loyalty programs are what will yield the highest results for you.

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