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The top games that you should play in 2019

The top games that you should play in 2019

Video games are getting better and better with each passing year. If you often play games on your PC, it’s important to use a gaming mouse that is affordable, lightweight, and one with an outstanding build quality. Here are some gaming mice recommendations that you should consider.

With such a vast assortment of video games fighting for your attention, we’ve conveniently selected 5 top games that you should play before the year ends.

Here are the top 5 games that you should play in 2019:


  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


The exquisite graphics and impressive gameplay in this latest CoD instalment are second to none. If you like playing plot-focused video games that send you on tough missions, then you’ll certainly love Modern Warfare. Unlike other CoD games, this particular one comes with added extras that offer some exciting twists. You’ll find things like threat evaluations and collateral damage, meaning there’s less likelihood of throwing all caution to the wind as you seek to eliminate target threats. Players need to avoid causing too many civilian and non-combatant casualties.


  • Hypnospace Outlaw


In every social structure there are villains who hide in plain sight. These villains come in many shapes and forms – from corrupt government leaders to scam artists. In Hypnospace Outlaw, players are thrust into an online universe known as Hypnospace. They are required to annihilate the rot and corruption being propagated by hackers, fraudsters, sleazy trolls and even copyright infringers. Apart from being a fun game to play on PC, Hypnospace Outlaw provides a creative narrative and offers players a chance to be heroes in this seemingly dark and messy abyss.


  • Borderlands 3


Multiplayer games have grown increasingly popular in recent years, giving rise to thrilling shooter games such as Borderlands 3. In this game, players have to collaborate as they traverse a post-apocalyptic planet situated in deep space. The mission is simple: shoot, loot, and duck enemy fire. The Borderlands franchise has consistently proved to be reliably good. It’s strange weaponry, fun graphics and witty gameplay make Borderlands 3 a must-play.


  • The Outer Worlds


Ever wondered how the world would be if age-old presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt – who fought hard to curb the flourishing of mega-corporations – never ascended to power? Well, capitalism would be the norm, and humans would have to survive in a man-eat-man society. In The Outer Worlds, players are transported into a reality where humans have colonized other galaxies. However, huge corporations hold all the power and cause great misery. Players have to use their investigative prowess to fight these mega-corporations in an attempt to restore sanity. There’s still a lot of shooting and sneaking around, so you’re bound to have endless fun when playing this game.


  • Life is Strange 2


In this Bandersnatch-like game, every decision you make has a consequence. It kicks off as a typical day for two Seattle brothers. However, an unexpected string of events ensue once the brothers decide to get some party supplies. A nippy transition sends both guys in different routes where they have to follow certain rules to successfully achieve their mission. Life Is Strange 2 has an incredibly striking narrative and a beautiful soundtrack that will keep you playing for hours.

Get these incredible games and have fun while playing them.


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