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Ways to Tell If Your Online Psychic Is the Real Deal

In a world full of sceptics, it is surprising to know that thousands prefer the advice of psychics. Psychic guidance ranges from relationship insights and career motivation to assistance with making difficult choices. But despite the astounding positive outlook many people have towards psychics, the industry is still marred by frauds.

These days, if you are looking for a psychic, the most accessible platform is an online site. There is a level of discretion which you cannot find elsewhere. But the challenge perhaps is making sure that you find the real deal. An honest review of a psychic network called Kasamba is a good way to start. In addition to reviews, you may want to verify if the site conducts a strict screening process in hiring psychics. An excellent psychic website also offers a variety of services and multiple channels of communication to support their clients.

Now that we have provided an overview of how to determine if an online psychic site is the real deal, how do you know if you are dealing with a fake?

Beware of an online site that does not offer a payment refund

A payment guarantee is your protection from fraud. Check the terms and conditions on the site and see if you can at least get a partial refund if the reading does not work out. Even a real psychic can have off days at times. Whether you are getting a reading or getting your dreams analysed, in no way should you feel ripped off at the end of the session.

The reading feels too set-up or accurate

Do not be fooled by what you see on television and movies. A real psychic is not after showmanship. The aim of getting a reading is not to get shocked, but instead, receive insights and details you can apply in your life. Since you are more or less giving the psychic general information, the answers you receive should be insightful and helpful. You may receive metaphors which you need to connect to specific circumstances, but do not expect to get exact instructions.

Lack of references

As mentioned earlier in this article, look for a psychic website with customer feedback and testimonials. If the psychic site somehow lacks any reference to previous clients, you may want to look elsewhere to get a reading.

Psychic compels you to return for more answers

A real psychic’s goal at the end of the reading is to help you make empowered choices. Even the most clairvoyant individual will not be able to guarantee specific results. What you get from psychic readings is clarity and guidance to burning questions you have in your mind. Be wary of psychics that ask you to return for more sessions and promise exact results.

The psychic makes you feel uncomfortable

Trust your instinct anytime you are looking for a psychic website. If you get a bad feeling, then move on. If you have started the session but feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to end it and find a way to get a refund for your payment.

Finding a reputable psychic site is like having a friend you can trust. Psychic readings can help with your mental and emotional health. But do take extra precautions and follow the tips above. This way, you can ensure that you are only getting help from real psychics and not fakes.

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