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Expert Landing Page Tips for High Conversion Rates

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When it comes to landing pages many people skip some vital steps that can make the difference between converting and not. The top reason that landing pages don’t have the impact people need them to have is that a landing page should anticipate and deliver your visitor’s specific needs and expectations. Before you go running to a psychic, here are a few of our top tips and tools to predict what your user wants from a landing page. 

A page that has a high conversion should have the following elements:

  1. Responsive and intuitive design 
  2. Great optimized and analyzed content 
  3. Powerful Call-to-Action

Tip #1: Responsive and Intuitive Design 

More than half of all consumers will search, find and explore your website using a smart device. If you don’t have a fully responsive design, you may as well forget about conversions. The easiest way to ensure your site is completely accessible to everyone is by choosing landing page templates that look flawless across any device. Ucraft, for example, offers an incredible range of templates that are fully responsive and offer an intuitive design. 

They also make it FREE and easy to set up. No coding required.

  • Create your account 
  • Pick your landing page 
  • Choose one of the landing page templates 
  • Add content, images, and video 

And voila! A beautiful 100% responsive landing page that will convert. Now that you have the design picked out and your landing page looking snazzy, let’s get it optimized. 

Tip #2: Consistent Messaging and Other Optimization Tricks

Consistency creates repetition and clarity. You want your customers to have brand awareness and know what you need them to do. By creating consistent messaging between your landing page and ads, you create a connection between the promise and the delivery. 

Here are a few fun tricks to optimize your page:

Go BIG or don’t go at all 

While some people may change button colors or fonts if you want to see real conversions use a drag and drop builder to create a clear journey for your visitor. Consider including one or more of the following elements:

  • Adjust your sign up flow – instead of one way to sign-up, offer multiple ways 
  • Use contrasting colors so you control what your reader focuses on
  • Important elements should be above the fold 
  • Scarcity always works 
  • CTA button should be clear and simple

Based on real data create, an A/B test to see what works best for your visitors. This type of quick analysis helps you stay ahead of the game and deliver directly to your consumer. 

It could be as simple as changing your language slightly. In this example, B doubled the click-through-rate. 

  1. Get $10 off the first purchase. Book online now!

B. Get an additional $10 off. Book online now. 

Tip #3: Call-to-Actions That Crush Every Time

Your content could be great and your design may be spot-on, but if you end it all with a call-to-action that only inspires confusion or a yawn, you can forget about the whole thing. Since your CTA IS THE spot where people either bounce or engage, use these tried and true techniques every time. 

  • A great CTA should finish the sentence “I want to” – this gives your customers a way to identify and choose their path. Ex: Grow My Traffic or Coach My Clients
  • Don’t use buzzwords or cheesy sales pitches – instead use language that speaks to the pain points, preferences, and aversions of your specific customer
  • Action-packed CTA’s work. “Take this course” and “Save Your Seat” implies urgency, scarcity, and tells your customer exactly what you want them to do

Bonus Tip: Subscription elements 

One of the best ways to score great leads is by offering a subscription element. Adding a fully-responsive element that follows your CTA is a great way to direct your customers to sign-up and stay informed. 

Take Away 

Creating beautiful landing pages that convert does not have to be difficult or expensive. Site builders like Ucraft make it easy and free to create fully-responsive and optimized landing pages. Start your design with landing page templates, add great content that speaks to your customer. Use analytics like A/B testing to make sure your UX is on point. Don’t forget to end with a few strong CTA’s that speak to your user’s pain points, wants, and expectations. Get started right away so you can get the conversion you have been dreaming about. 

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