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What are the benefits and risks of outsourcing IT services

Most companies prefer to outsource their Information Technology (IT) system for several reasons. These choices often come with some benefits and risks. Every company should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing their IT support. If you are thinking of outsourcing, make sure that you plan some measures to reduce the risk. You should also prepare your employees for the change that comes with outsourcing such services. Read on to discover the benefits and risks of outsourcing IT services.


  • Reduce Current Cost. Almost every company choose to outsource IT so that they can reduce their cost. Outsourcing allows businesses to control their capital outlay. If you go for in-house IT services, your business will incur fixed costs. However, if you outsource, the same fixed cost will be changed into a variable cost. This conversion will free up your capital, which you can use in other business operations.



  • Control Expenses. If you choose to conduct every operation by yourself, then you have to pass on the associated expense to your customers. However, you will alleviate some of your costs if you outsource your IT services. Outsourcing will also place you at a competitive edge when pricing your goods and services.



  • Increased Focus. When businesses outsource their IT services, managers can entirely focus on the primary objectives of their companies. If a business has in-house IT services, the manager will have to divide his time between engaging prospective customers and concerns around IT operations. This division of attention will leave less time for core business goals.



  • Competition. Large enterprises can maintain their cutting-edge services and system. However, a small business may not have the required resources or budget to implement IT services. As such, outsourcing will bridge this gap and create an equitable place in the market for both large and small companies.




  • Downtime. If you rely on an external IT service, you run the risk of experiencing downtime when the system fails. Downtime may lead to loss of production. Sometimes, it may take several days to resolve the IT problem. As such, outsourcing may impact your business by keeping your resources idle while you lose your revenue.



  • Lack of Personal Touch. When outsourcing, you do not have first-hand experience with your IT operations. As such, you may lose personal touch with these services. In in-house activities, a network administrator will become familiar with all the characteristics of the network. As such, he will develop a sense of ownership and will deliver results more quickly. IT outsourcing cannot offer this kind of personal touch that can only come with in-house operations.



  • Security Protocols. When outsourcing your IT services, you must ensure that the service provider has adequate security measures. While most IT service providers have impressive security measures, there is always a risk of a security breach. You should also consider laws that safeguard the intellectual of private data.


With these tips, you can now weigh your options. If you need to outsource your IT services, consider contacting i.t. outsourcing services.

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