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8 Steps to Create a Viral YouTube Channel

A successful YouTube channel is one that has many subscribers and that records many views for each of its videos. That is the kind of channel that can bring you revenue if you monetize it.  It is no doubt that you want to have a viral YouTube channel because you can make good money.

Here are 8 steps you can use to make your YouTube channel go viral.

  1. Create a Complete Profile

Create a compelling profile for your YouTube channel. A compelling profile can help to promote your channel and grab interest from potential subscribers.

To make your profile stand out, give it a similar look to that of your other social media channels and websites and make sure that you share your YouTube address with followers from other outlets. Add keywords to help with optimization, include a schedule for posting new content and include your contact details. Another helpful tip is to respond to comments that your subscribers leave you. Doing so will increase engagement and encourage your subscribers to check your channel often.

  1. Create Punchy Titles

Great titles will ensure your content gets viewed and your channel goes viral. Remember that users see the title first and so it should be punchy.

Use short and descriptive titles of up to 60 characters for your videos. Use keywords in the first part of the title to get the attention of the readers.

Avoid clickbait titles. While they can be great to get you a lot of views in the beginning, these may be harmful in the long run. Use engaging titles that show the benefits that the video provides to the audience. For example, if your video is about DIY oil changes, make sure that you make the title related to this type of activity. 

You can get title ideas by using the YouTube autocomplete feature. Search the topic on YouTube and see the suggestions that they provide.

  1. Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Thumbnails are what a viewer sees before they click on a video. An eye-catching thumbnail will attract more clicks. Use an image that is consistent with your brand, colorful, high contrast and of the recommended size and format.

  1. Use Keywords

Great SEO is important when it comes to YouTube channels. Know the keywords that users are searching for and incorporate them into your content. Nowadays, YouTube videos are getting priorities on Google searches over other content. Use keywords that prioritize videos such as “XYZ tutorial”. You can get keywords using the autocomplete feature in Google or from the keyword planner.

  1. Upload High-Quality Content

People will come to your channel to be informed about a particular issue or solve a certain problem. If you want a viral YouTube channel, provide real value. This way, you will keep your viewers engaged and they will keep coming back for more. That is how you can increase the views on your videos and get more subscribers.

  1. Create High-Quality Videos

High-quality content may not be presented well if the videos are of low quality. The best way to mitigate this problem is to create high-quality videos with good equipment. Make sure that your videos are clear, the sound is audible and that they are edited well. 

Great videos with high-quality content will enable you to viral your channel. Combined with punchy titles and eye-catching thumbnails, you can increase your YouTube subscribers and viewers in a short amount of time.

  1. Interact With Your Viewers

Respond to comments and answer questions from your viewers. In short, engage with your fans. Let them know that you listen to their sentiments.

  1. Partner With Other Brands

If you want success for your YouTube channel, you need to work with others. Form brand partnerships with other YouTube’s who also address the needs of your audience.

When you partner with others you can reach more viewers and provide more value to them.

Make sure you only collaborate with those who can provide more value to your audience.


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