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Window Replacement: Who Pays For It, The Owners Or Condo Associations?

If you own a condo, you may want to boost the appearance of your home by doing window replacement or perhaps new doors. However, as a homeowner, one thing you would want to know is who will pay for it. Should you pay for replacing the windows or it is your condo association that should pay for it? So, how do you determine who is responsible for paying for the replacements? The answer to this question will depend on the situation you are.

In most cases, homeowners want to install new windows when they buy their condo. They want something that they like since different people have different preferences, and the type of windows in your condo might not impress you. If you want to install new windows to get a better view of the outside, or perhaps you want to boost the security of your home, you will find styles that will help you achieve this. If the window replacement will be eligible to be shouldered by the condo association, the better.


  • How Condo Associations Deal With Window Replacement.


When it comes to elements of the condominium, there are those which are shared and those which are private. For instance, when you buy a condo, you purchase your own home and also some space that is normally shared. That means that you can use the space and that also comes with some responsibility which you have to meet. And to add on to this, the condo association differentiates exclusive common, general and limited elements.

The community declaration that you signed when you were buying your condo clearly shows what common elements are. When it comes to shared elements, things such as patios and balconies fall in this category, and these are the elements that complicate things when it comes to window replacement. You might wonder whether your windows are in the private category because they are installed in your home. To answer this query, whether or not it will depend on what your agreement says whether it is part of your home or not.

The reason for installing replacement windows is another aspect that matters for the condo when deciding whether to cater for the replacements or not. For instance, you could be replacing your windows to make them hold well during cold weather. If that is the case, your condo association could take care of the replacement costs. However, if you are replacing your windows for other reasons such as to make them more appealing, the condo might not consider that cost.


  • Limited Common Elements.


If the agreement you signed highlights windows as exclusive common elements, then you should take care of the replacement costs should you consider to do window replacement. However, this is accepted as long as it would not interfere with the set measurements of the window opening. Most homeowners usually come up with the budget and approach a company for financing aid. This normally cuts down monthly installments for the window replacement and any other costs related to it. 


  • Weather Window Replacement.


One thing that can cause a lot of damages to homes is extreme weather occurrences such as hurricanes. That is why homeowners usually take insurances to cover their homes in case blizzard or typhoons hit their homes. 

However, the arrangement in condos is different. Insurance is typically a shared thing between the condo association and homeowners. The condo association chooses the best insurance cover for all units in the condo. As such, in case of an accident occurring, the window replacement obligation lies to the condo association. However, if you want to install new replacement windows, the replacements should be done following the agreement set by the condo.


  • Opt For Professional Windows Replacement.


Replacing the windows in your home is one of the most fantastic projects to do. However, there are things you don’t want to DIY, especially if you don’t have know-how on how to carry it out. Make the process of replacing your windows less stressful by selecting a professional and reputable company to replace your windows.

That way, you will be sure of the security of the project and get windows that will serve you for a long time.


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