Posted by Sponsored Post Posted on 1 October 2019

How new HR technology can future proof your business

Whatever industry your business is in, if you rely on a workforce to carry out your services then you need to utilise HR teams to power your business and deliver the very best service to your audience. HR software has advanced considerably to provide businesses with streamlined processes and automation, but it can also be hugely beneficial in future-proofing your business too – here are some of the ways it can help. 

Identify Soft Skills

In the digital world, soft skills are increasingly important, whether it’s critical thinking or problem solving. While technology is helpful in increasing productivity and automating admin, it can’t replicate the creativity of humans so organisations will require teams that are flexible and combine their expertise. HR software can help identify these types of skills during the recruitment process and pick out candidates who will help the business expand and develop over time. 

Invest in Lifelong Learning

The one constant all businesses can agree on is that in order to protect the workforce of tomorrow, staff need to become lifelong learners and companies that continue developing their employees will benefit the most. Businesses need to offer upskilling opportunities as the digital transformation continues to grow, but the cost of hiring new employees versus developing the staff you have is always much higher. In order to future proof any company, it’s vital that decision-makers find ways of investing in learning. HR plays an important role in this, facilitating a mindset in the organisation and ensuring that this culture of learning is always present. One way in which software can assist with this is making learning accessible and engaging in order to stimulate employee participation.

Make Strategies Flexible

A one-size-fits-all approach is the quickest way to leave your business in the past – attracting and retaining workers requires flexibility. If you’re serious about addressing the future of your company then providing flexibility to staff is key. Whether that’s swapping shifts or providing a greater visibility of the schedules in departments to making documents and files easier to access or amend so that staff can organise things for themselves without requiring assistance, there are many ways where flexibility is vital. Software can help with a lot of this, making sure that your business is always keeping up to date with the latest technologies and making many areas of running a company more accessible. 

Instilling Company Culture

Company culture and prioritising engagement in the business is critical to not only attracting the right candidates for positions but also retaining them and ensuring your business evolves. Happier members of staff are more productive, and this is at the core of any lasting company. HR software can encourage communication and also improves transparency and trust, as well as making recognition and rewards easier to facilitate. All of these factors, and more, are vital to a strong and healthy company culture and positive employee engagement, making it easier to bring the goals and ambitions of the business to life long-term. 

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