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How to future-proof your earnings by picking the right career

The change of pace in our modern world is electric. It is moving more rapidly than ever before with new inventions happening on a daily basis that are rendering previously held jobs and professions redundant overnight. At first it was manual labourers who were replaced by robots as production lines were changed and made vastly more efficient. But increasingly technology has moved into other spheres as well, as things like 3D printers, driverless cars, and artificial intelligence have become increasingly prominent. With this in mind, it becomes important to look to the future as you start to plan your career. You don’t want to spend five years studying only to find that when you graduate you have a qualification that means nothing because computers are now doing your job. With that in mind, here are some careers and jobs that look set to last until well in the future.

Crunch the numbers

Knowing what your data tells you is vitally important information that must not be underutilised or underestimated.  More and more businesses are starting to recognise the need for big data consulting and there is a shortage of people who have the focussed capability to know how to gather data, translate it and deliver it in meaningful words for the average person to understand.  But it is not just that, it also takes the results and then applying suggestions or interventions based on what has discovered too that it becomes an ongoing iterative process.

Take it to the next level

Cloud transformation services are a very new job description.  Having a company’s information in the cloud means that employees can work remotely and that a company can have an international team working together on one project.  It also mitigates risk of losing data as data is automatically backed up to the cloud. But knowing how to manage a company’s online cloud space isn’t just a matter of loading and leaving.  Companies are considering external providers to help run their cloud at its premium efficiency and effectiveness.  

Security is critical

With more of a more existence in the cloud and online, a new and very real threat exists that your information is at risk to hackers looking to either destroy your database or steal your intellectual property.  Having professionals be constantly managing your security is a preventative measure that should not be overlooked. Taking measures to protect software and data should be considered a very similar investment as is insurance and office security.  A position still not fully developed is head of online or digital security which is a gap in most companies still even though it is such a vital role.


Talk about patents and digital rights.

Being a lawyer will always be a sought-after skill because regardless of the size of a business it is inevitable that there will be legal requirements that need a lawyer to fulfil.  With the growth in digital operations, digital rights are a new set of legalise that must be understood and even defended.  

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