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How Essay Examples Will Help You Get High Marks For Your Essay

There couldn’t be a better way to take your essay writing skills to the next level than learning from the best. Fortunately, there is a huge variety of sources to tap into for any student who wants to achieve high-level skills when it comes to college essays. Sample essays offer a lasting solution to various challenges that stand between students and their quest for better writing skills. Some students try in vain to get out of the rut of writing the same thing every other day, while some have to struggle to master the technicalities around different subject areas they have to write about. Sample essays come significantly handy when you’re fighting all sorts of peculiarities that surround college essays.

A good essay example shouldn’t be difficult to find. While it’s not enough to stop at any random  educational platform that offer essay writing services and get an essay that pretty much scratches your itch: There is almost a guarantee that you’ll find a stunning collection of a few free essay samples online that supply the one element of essay writing that is consuming volumes of your study time. StudyHippo, among other reliable educational platforms, offer sample papers written by professionals from whom you can learn proper grammar and sentence construction.  This will help you improve essay writing skills and achieve better grades:

Do You Know What You’re Looking For?

The secret is knowing what you want to learn from any given essay before digging any deeper into the details. Here are a few essay writing tips to look for  in a high-quality sample papers:

Syntax, Proper Punctuation, and Tone

Sophisticated sentence structures presented with absolute clarity and an absorbing tone communicate a high level of intelligence. A blend of long (not the long and rambling ones) and short sentences that are easy to understand and utilizing interesting syntax will make you an exceptional essay writer. You don’t want to limit your ability and style as long as you aren’t making it difficult for your readers to follow.

Bring your grammar to the standards and employ the right tone if you want to engage your reader to the very last sentence of your essay. A confident tone is as reassuring to the reader as the rich content of your argument. As much as you have to keep things formal in academic essays, you have to work your skills to help keep the article interesting. This will help establish a vital bond with your reader.

Active rather than passive is the voice you’ll find deployed in a variety of essay samples you come across. The active voice is the perfect way to give your work a sense of immediacy. It also comes out more compelling to the reader than any passive equivalent.


A recommendable way to advance your vocabulary is reading widely. Having a good vocabulary is mastering the art of expressing your thoughts, both clearly and concisely. Minimized wording is what makes a difference between a student who communicates effectively and one who goes rambling only to drain the enthusiasm of readers and/or examiners. 

You shouldn’t, therefore, rest on your laurels when it comes to learning advanced vocabulary. More than just effective communication is how you develop your intelligence and persuasive skills if you keep enriching your essays with useful vocabulary. Have a dictionary with you while digging through all the new words you want to learn from all the sample essays you read. This should help you understand the context in which they’re used and learn to incorporate them into your own writing in other ways fitting.

If it helps, have a vocabulary book and use it to net all the new words you learn along with their meanings. Write down their definitions and include a few examples around their usage to boost your chances of memorizing and using them in your essays. Even better is when you have different sections handling a particular theme, or rather a general section with other parts of the notebook dedicated the vocabulary in varying subject areas.

Reading sample papers online is a great way to help improve your vocabulary for a particular subject. Another incredible way of learning vocabularies is through phrases, words, and quickly quizing yourself on the vocabularies, you have learned. This can be achieved through use of free online flashcards. You can easily use them for all your classes, and they will help boost your grades. Even better, the fact that they are free means you don’t have any reason why not to use them.

Elevator Pitching  

Just like a salesperson has to learn the quickest way to craft a compelling argument that draws a customer’s attention to their product: You should also learn the quickest way to bring the reader on board at the start of your essays and leave them yearning for the rest of the essay. It’s called the Elevator Pitch technique and takes a good deal of exercise to achieve.

Imagine a salesperson in a lift having to pitch to a customer and convince him/her to buy the product by the time the lift hits the next stop! Similarly, you have to learn how to condense your ideas into an Elevator Pitch snappy summary that gets the reader interested and involved from the start. Read different styled samples extensively and analyze the various techniques that writers use to achieve catchy introductions and the ultimate clarity of the arguments they present. Assemble the basic ideas and work out a unique style of selling your points to the reader. 

Essay Samples Mold Your Writing

Essay examples are a heaven-sent way to develop your essay ability and build on your writing style. You can achieve all the excellent vocabulary you desire, properly styled, and essentially the most captivating essays when you read a wide range of samples whether from your peers or academic sites. Be critical and analyze the different techniques used and pick up anything that adds value when writing an essay. 


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