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What You Should Know Before Buying From Social Media Ads?

Advancements in the technology have made it possible for business owners and marketers to plan their own marketing campaigns in different social media platforms. Nowadays, consumers rely on the internet if they want to find products or services that they need. Furthermore, social media advertising is also an effective way for various small businesses to get a lot of audiences or prospective customers. Unluckily, the same goes for the scams. There is some news that Instagram and Facebook ads, which take advantage of customers’ benevolence by way of claiming to give proceeds to charity, or any other scams.

How Does The Scam Works?

As you go and scroll through your Instagram and Facebook feed, you see an advertisement from a small business that is selling lovable products. The best part is that some proceeds from their sales will go to charity, which helps in rescuing animals, support other worthy cause or foster children. Some consumers also report getting direct messages from various sellers, promoting their products and ask them to advertise it to their circle.

You purchase the product and feel great! You will receive a product that you want, and you have done a good deed. However, as the days pass by and the seller never delivered the product, your doubts will start to build. Eventually, you contact the seller to ask about the product you’ve purchased and they reply with an autoresponder or suddenly unreachable. 

In actual fact, the product didn’t even exist in the first place. This scam was all a trick to get your money. This is how these scams work. If you want to learn more about this news, you can check this out.

There are also some other scams that go all over the internet, specifically in social media platforms –like those that offer you followers, but turns out that those followers are just bots. You should be well aware of these scams to avoid any harm.

How To Protect Yourself From Social Media Scams?

Here are some ways on how you can protect yourself from social media scams:

  • Use Good Judgment. A lot of con artist play on the customers’ desire to helping those in need. Use your mind and not only your heart when you choose to support a charitable cause. 
  • Do Your Research. Before you even make any purchase of anything you see on your social media, do a quick study for the business that you suspect. Do they even have any valid contact information? Do they have a good reputation in their past customers? You shouldn’t be fooled by strikingly attractive adds and wordings. These might just be lifted from other sites.
  • Search For Complaints. Do search for any complaints about the business in question –check whether it is a scam or a legit business.

As we have said earlier, there are some other social media scams out there aside from this one. In case of those who offer fake followers for your business’ additional following, you can use a reliable and legit platform, just like Famoid. With Famoid, you’re assured to attain a high rate of audiences than you ever thought. Investing in Famoid is a great thing for you, and your business if you have one.

Lastly, be well aware of what you see online. Regardless of how attractive and appealing it is to your mind, you should check and research about it first, before you do any purchase!

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