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Generating sales through social media

Social media began as a way for people or the general public to connect online and to be in touch with others, whether friends or people who share similar interests. However, it has rapidly morphed with significant pace into being a place where companies and brands can attract new customers and build brand awareness and reputation. The new approach to marketing and customer engagement has led to rethinking and redesigning how brands position themselves in this ever-changing shapeshifting market place. But social media has grown even more than just this place of interaction and brand exposure. What has become even more prominent is the use of social media to drive direct sales. Buying online, through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, is becoming more and more popular. But one still needs to know how to be noticed amidst the crowd of competitors all competing for the same space and the same soapbox to stand on. Here are some tips on how to generate sales through social media. 

What does it cost?

There are several ways to quantify your marketing budget. What many marketing or advertising companies offer now is a PPC service. This means that you pay per click by a browsing consumer. The benefit to this is that you don’t pay unless people actually click and that way you can also manage budgets around what could be considered as marketing that doesn’t convert. However, you need to make sure that those clicks are worth the cost, so drive each click to take the desired call to action that will lead to closing deals and growing sales. Be sure that when people click, they are interested, otherwise you’ll be paying for wasted clicks if you’re not targeting the right people

Find a package deal

There are Instagram management packages and similarly Facebook management packages that help businesses properly enter the market in the best way for that specific social media platform. There are complex and complicated algorithms that these portals use to ensure that the authenticity of businesses is valued higher in online searches. These algorithms keep changing, so making use of a management package will help ensure that you are getting your message across in just the right way. Don’t make the dangerous assumption that what works on one platform will work on another. 

Keep up the conversation

Social media has offered companies a platform to build new types of relationships with the customer and have a different level and style of communication and engagement. It is far more interactive, authentic and immediate and provides two-way conversations that were not really possible before. Insights and reports gleaned from social media pages can advise your marketing team on how to adapt or adjust the pitch to ensure maximum hits. While bots are becoming popular ways to respond to the high volumes of messages that companies now face, people still want to interact with a human and not be met by some impersonal computer generates an automatic response.

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