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What is shared hosting, and is it a good option for you?

Willing to get their websites online, users meet the need to choose the provider and the hosting option. Picking the right vendor is a separate challenge, and you can read more about how to select the suitable one on the eWeb – the fullest hosting guide. 

Talk about shared hostings it will be a bargaining chip to know everything about it, so here read more…  Just because it is a popular choice among website owners, such an option has quite appealing benefits, but there are downsides as well.

What is shared hosting?

It is a service that provides the user with space on the server. While the definition might sound like a VPS hosting, having a shared one websites share not only the server but the IP address as well. This is a great option for small businesses and personal sites because of the following advantages.

It is affordable

Shared hosting is the cheapest service you can get. Thus, if you want to create a small site for your pleasure, or you own a small startup, the opportunity to pay as little as possible is rather appealing.

It’s simple

You don’t have to be an experienced webmaster and have expertise in server administration to manage your site on the shared hosting. Usually, all the maintenance is performed by the provider. So you can focus on the content and forget about the technical side of your website. Server vendors will offer you a simple user panel with the basic management features so that you have some control over your hosting. But that’s it – you don’t need to worry about the tech stuff.

What are the downsides of shared hosting?

While it is affordable and easy to use, there are certain cons you have to consider. First of all, you should remember that shared hostings offer a very limited amount of space for websites. That’s why you have to check how much resources does a particular provider offer with shared hosting, and then see if you can fit your site in.

Another issue is that you share the space with other site owners. And while a part of safety measurements is on the provider – it protects the server from hackers, the owner of the website also has to take care of its protection. Outdated plugins, themes with vulnerabilities – these are the holes for hackers to crawl through. Since the hosting is shared, if your neighbor gets infected, so do you.

Also, since space and resources are limited, your visitors might experience delays. And if your neighbor gets DDOSed, the whole hosting will go down, which means that your site will go down as well. 

To draw the bottom line, we should say that shared hosting is a great choice to launch your small website. And you need to think about the more reliable VPS hosting that offers more resources and protection. Having your site hosted on shared hosting, you should keep an eye on its performance. Once it gets slower – move on to the better option.

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