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Signs your HGH Injections Might Be Fake

There are plenty of cases on the media of serious HGH use like the story about Rick Ankiel, Paul Byrd, and the Mitchell report. Surprisingly, the use of HGH is also on the rise in other areas other than sports. Therefore, many people hoping to experience muscular growth are injecting HGH. 

Let assume you are hoping to build some muscle, gain some height, become more focused or even feel and look younger. You searched around and scored some HGH injections from an online contact or a local pharmacy. Is it the real thing? Here are some of the signs that you bought phony HGH injections. 

You Joints do not Hurt

With your new regime of HGH injections, your body will not just sit there and at soak it all in without some level of discomfort. Some of the side effects of HGH include joint pain, retention of fluids and pinching at nerve endings. 

You may also experience unusual growth of bones, mostly around the face. Scientists seem think there is a strong link between this abnormal growth and cancer in mice and humans, but they have not been able to prove it definitively. 

No needles are involved

Most fake vendors will tell you that they have HGH you can take orally. They come in the form of sprays, pills or tongue drops. These are all fake. There is no proof that you are your body can receive doses through non-bloodstream receptors. 

In addition, HGH’s fragile form tends to break down if stored in sprays or pill form. Some people claim to feel energetic. However, they may be taking some else entirely different, and not HGH. The only known why to deliver a dose is through HGH injections. If you are planning to go for the real deal, find out the cost of HGH injections. In addition, you should do some research on where to find HGH injections. 

It is FDA Approved and you are not suffering from Turner Syndrome

Some distributors are dishonest and will tell you that their products have FDA approval. This might be true under a few instances: you have a child with stunted growth, you are suffering from Turner syndrome, have a case of bowel syndrome or you are experiencing muscular atrophy caused by HIV. 

For some time, the FDA has only allowed HGH Injections in children, however, with time, this approval has been extended to include adults with a few other conditions. Other uses are illegal, which explains why some sports personalities out there are behaving like teenagers in an effort to get a doctor’s script. 

It has not landed you in Debt

For your dose to be effective, you need to inject twice or thrice each day. Doses of HGH injections cost a lot. Individual injections can cost an upwards of $25, meaning a week’s worth could cost you an arm and a leg. However, you are guaranteed that you will be getting an authentic dose.  Your bill might run up to $2000 each month. Fake sellers often promise the same outcome at a much lower cost, say $35 each month. The best HGH injections do not come cheap, but they are safe to use. 

Uses and Benefits of HGH injections

Doctors who remedy poor growth in children commonly use synthetic forms of HGH. Adults can also it to treat bowel syndrome or muscle wastage due to AIDS. Poor growth in a child can be because of kidney disease, HGH deficiency or other forms of muscle wasting diseases. HGH injections are known to help restore growth in people or kids with growth hormone deficiency. It can increase your exercise capacity, increase your muscular size and lower your body fat. 

Most people believe HGH injection can reverse the effects of aging. Researchers believe that it can also boost your testosterone levels naturally. However, note that scientists have not proven some of these claims. Using HGH shots for anti-aging and athletic purposes is quite controversial because there is no scientific backing and potential side effects. 

Popular Forms

HGH is often administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly once it has been prescribed. Unfortunately, there are illicit sellers who also package theirs as injectables. 

HGH is also sold as a dietary supplement, and vendors often claim that it works just as well as the injectable version. Such supplements go by the name HGH releasers. A few claim to raise the level of HGH in the body due to the presence of ingredients like amino acids. But, there is no scientific evidence to support such claims. 

Wrap Up

Be careful when using HGH injections. You should only use injections that your doctor has prescribed. Also, be sure to go for a check-up while injecting HGH. 

Note your body’s response to your dosage and whether your injections are causing adverse effects. If you want to improve body strength or muscular size and you have no known condition that may cause you HGH deficiency, consider other alternatives. 


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