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What to Do When Renting an Office Downtown

Looking to rent a downtown office in Toronto? After all, the city is the biggest in Canada and a massive financial hub in North America behind New York City. Renting office space is exciting for a first-timer in the business, but you can’t just choose any office. There are things to make sure that will support your business to grow and thrive in the future, from rent cost, amount of space, safety, and surrounding factors that makes it friendlier to the business in the area.

First, if there is a serious need for office space, then where it will be has to be the biggest consideration when renting. Be sure that the office will be close enough for every employee to commute to and even be close to a garage or a TTC station. Or, if hiring people, have a place where many people will be attracted to going. With Downtown Toronto, there is the Financial District, the Discovery District, South Core, and Harbourfront. With this is the second factor to consider when renting an office space is the nearby eateries, banks, and shops. All of it in walking distance and helpful for meetings and casual time to unwind. 

Next, it is the office itself. The building should be safe and secure for everyone and even have a security guard. This may be pricey, but if the office is at least protected by a door where one must have a keycard, the office will be safe. Inside, the office, people want Agile office spaces and get a large enough space for everyone with a desk to sit at. At the same time, they cannot be so large where rooms are never used. A bit of extra space can be a good if that plan is to grow and hire more people.

The length of the lease is an important factor in renting an office because you don’t want to get locked into a long-term deal. That means, if there is a need to retract in size or if the business fails, you are stuck with an office space that is totally useless or, if the company outgrows the space, you can’t find a bigger one. Stick with short-term deals. Offices want to have their own identity, but there are rules within a building to what can be changed in the floor plan that could radically alter the rest of the construction. Look at what you can or can’t do to the space.

Downtown Toronto has been a massive center of many business sectors and its diversity and commitment to revitalizing several areas makes it an attractive place for modern offices and nearby residences. New businesses are formed every year, small, but effective in the expanding technical and financial sectors. To major international cities, it is no longer the traditional brick-and-mortar offices that are growing. They are modern and more intelligent in how the use their size and resources to grow even more.

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