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What do exogenous ketones have to do with weight loss?

“Wait, what are exogenous ketones, and what in the heck do they have to do with weight loss?”  The answer to your question is, “exogenous ketones are keto supplements.  If you are even vaguely familiar with the currently popular ketogenic diet, you have likely heard of keto supplements.  Keto supplements have the vital vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy as you eat certain types of food in your quest to lose a great deal of weight quickly and keep it off.  More about keto supplements explained below.

A few good exogenous ketones

Now that you have a better idea as to what exogenous ketones are, it’s time to discuss one of them in more detail.

Perfect keto – the best recommended exogenous ketone

This amazing supplement consists primarily of proprietary beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts and MCT oil powder.  The combination of these active ingredients is crucial in helping you out in your goal of shedding the extra pounds quickly.  This is because ketone salts help your body metabolize more body fat faster. When this is combined with MCT oil which is easy for your body to digest and metabolize, the result is higher mental and physical capacity and energy.  At least, that is a bold claim of the manufacturers! ‘

The good, the bad, and ugly about perfect keto

When you start the keto diet, you embark on a new lifestyle largely because of the new foods you will eat which are in a completely different food group from what you are used to.  Mix in the fact that you will eat these foods in different combinations and times (again) than what you are used to and it’s not hard to understand why some problems may emerge quickly.  One of these major problems is the flu which perfect keto is good at helping your body deal with and recover from quickly. Another pro point about perfect keto is its delicious taste which makes it palatable.  You can also blend it into delicious shakes which can be drunk on the go easily.  

Many who used perfect keto were taken aback when they found a slight rise in their blood ketone levels.  The average was a rise in .9 points over the course of a few weeks. There are no disadvantages to taking this supplement.  Therefore, it can be considered to be a ‘wonder supplement.’ Perfect keto is available in many flavours: coffee, peach, salted caramel, vanilla.  Clinical trials show that perfect keto raises the keto levels which help with weight loss and maintaining good health. Additionally, many athletes have reported that they perform much better when they practice at the gym.  This supplement can reduce the incidence of ‘brain fog’ which many people report experiencing after starting keto diet. The best aspect of perfect keto is that it is easy to mix and drink – especially in shake form.  

East or Wests, perfect keto is the best

You can proceed with greater confidence in your quest to start the keto diet now that you know that certain supplements are on the market which can help you adjust to the diet and lose weight faster.  Also, be confident that your health will improve significantly after taking this supplement. That is the unspoken goal of any diet!

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