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What celebrity do I look like? The answer may shock you

Written by Meghan Hale, a content writer at and editing machine. You’ll find me yelling at my dog to stop barking, whether it be at the neighbours or on a long afternoon walk.

You know how when you look in the mirror you can focus on all your flaws, but on the big screen your celebrity star is just “perfect”. Well, taking a fun quiz and asking yourself, “what celebrity do I look like”, maybe just the self-esteem boost you are looking for. After all, no one is perfect and your celeb crush or role model is a person just like you. These quizzes are not only fun but may also boost your ego and introduce you to a celebrity you didn’t know. 

How do you find out what celebrity you look like? Well, the folks at Magiquiz, have put together an interesting mix of physical characteristics and personality questions as well. 

DO you love romance?

This is one of those questions, that may catch you off guard. After all, this is a “what celebrity do I look like” quiz, but your idea of love and romance says a lot about your personality and that affects your looks as well. 

For example: If you sweetheart got you flowers, would you wonder if he was running around? Maybe, you are so touched by this sweet gesture, or perhaps your green thumb would rather a plant than flowers that will die in a day or two, and you would rather a love fern.

Define genius

This question is so great as one person may consider genius to be intellect another humor, and another philanthropy. How do you define that special gift? The options include Ayn Rand, an anti-communist activist and founder of Objectivism, Mother Theresa, the famous lady of compassion and good deeds, who dedicated her life to saving the world, one cause at a time.  Also, on this list are brilliant comediennes and a beautiful actress known for her timeless inventions like radio guidance for torpedoes that are used for Bluetooth technology.

Which celebrity do you connect to more? Beauty is more than skin-deep, so consider that your genius makes you gorgeous!

What is your beauty regimen?

Are you a natural beauty or do you love to add makeup and products? Do you follow the trends or perhaps you embrace your own unique and eclectic style. When asking yourself “What celebrity do I look like?” have you considered if you have more in common than just hair or eye color? Here are some things to notice about your beauty routine:

  • Your beauty routine takes time and precision
  • When it comes to hairstyles, you like to keep it short and easy
  • You aren’t interested in plastic surgery – you’re keeping what you have
  • Your closet is all trends and latest fashions – You could be an Editor for Vogue
  • Skincare for you is a natural bar of soap or organic scrub 

These questions and more will help you see which celebrity you are like in regards to routine too. If your celeb idol is about keeping it natural and your makeup is laid on every day, try a new look and let your natural look shine. Maybe, you wear black every day, but you wish you were bright and vibrant like your favorite actress – add some colors and surprise yourself.

Social Butterfly or Private Person 

When it comes to social media, your personality shows before you update your Facebook status or post a new pic on Insta. Celebs are often on social media, but some prefer private life. Do you relate more to the ones who are always phone in hand or do you love a famous person who is grounded and doesn’t feel the need to tweet every going on in their life? Are you an activist who loves to share a cause or perhaps you prefer good old-fashioned phone calls to dm’s.

Your celeb-look-alike may be a lot more like you than you realize!


You don’t have to be famous to be a star. Fun quizzes like these are a great way to find out what you value, respect and admire in others. It also shows you that beauty is so much more than looks. Intelligence, kindness, and talents are all a part of true beauty. Wondering how you measure up, check out these fun quizzes and tell your friends, so they can find out who their star twin is. 

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