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Important Facts That You Need to Know About Accidents Involving Uber and Lyft Drivers

Uber and Lyft are two of the most popular rideshare companies in the United States, and since these applications were launched to the public, millions of downloads have been generated and the value of these companies began to rise. Many investors saw the potential of Uber and Lyft, so they decided to join the craze and invested large amounts of money to help these companies. Car owners in the United States, on the other hand, decided to join rideshare companies to get an opportunity to earn additional income. People are riding Uber and Lyft because it is more convenient, but there are times when the people who thought that rideshare companies would take them safely to their destinations ended up being severely injured.

The West Coast Trial Lawyers based in California is advising the public about the things that they should do if they will be involved in an accident while riding Uber and Lyft. The West Coast Trial Lawyers are a group of professional lawyers who are working together as an organization to help people who are seeking justice. They highlighted that auto accidents and rideshare accidents are drastically different from each other, and it is important for the riding public to know what their rights are especially in times when they are involved in an accident. If there is a potential injury, the riding public must exercise their rights and work with a professional lawyer to find out what they can do about the issue. A ridesharing accident lawyer in Los Angeles can be contacted if there is an accident involving rideshare companies and an individual wanted to file a case.

The riding public is not the only group of people who can be injured by Uber and Lyft. Pedestrians on the road and other drivers who share the road are also susceptible to injuries if they are hit by a vehicle that operates under Uber or Lyft. If an accident ever happens, contact the most reliable ridesharing accident lawyer in the area and start building a case against those who are involved. It is also important to work with an attorney that will specialize on which company is being sued – work with an Uber accident lawyer for cases involving Uber drivers, and work with a Lyft accident lawyer for cases involved Lyft drivers.

Insurance Coverage Provided by Uber and Lyft
Across the United States, auto insurance is required when driving a vehicle. That way, whenever the vehicle runs into an accident, an insurance company will be able to shoulder the expenses for the repairs and the hospitalization for those who were injured. However, if the driver is using their vehicles for commercial purposes, their own auto insurance might not cover any accidents that they would run into. To resolve this problem, Uber and Lyft decided to provide insurance coverage for all their drivers, as well as the passengers who are using their services. When an accident happens, an Uber accident lawyer or a Lyft accident lawyer should be the one working with the victims to ensure that all of the damages will be paid in full.

With Uber, the insurance coverage is up to one million dollars, and the policy covers all of the damages incurred during an accident. The insurance coverage provided by Uber will cover any damages with a one-million-dollar limit. This can be handy, especially when drivers are not able to use their personal auto insurance because they are using their vehicle for commercial purposes. Uber stated that providing their drivers with insurance coverage is very important, especially with the nature of their jobs taking their riders from one destination to another. No one knows when an accident might happen and keeping insurance coverage is very handy.

What are the example scenarios of accidents involving Uber and Lyft?
There are a lot of scenarios that can happen when an Uber or Lyft driver runs into a vehicular accident. Multiple collision types might occur, and the most common ones that are more likely to happen in real life would be an Uber or Lyft driver colliding with another driver, a passenger being injured because of the collision, or a pedestrian crossing the road being hit by a rideshare driver. These scenarios could end up with disastrous results, and it can also become a life-changing accident. People who have been involved in rideshare accidents are suing everyone involved because they wanted to gain justice from what has happened. This is where lawyers would come into place to help those who are seeking justice.

The Responsibility of the Rideshare Drivers
Uber and Lyft drivers should drive safely when they are on the road, and they can be held responsible if they are not paying attention to their driving. Accidents can happen if the driver is driving recklessly, or if they are distracted while driving. They can be liable for the injuries of their passengers, and to the damages that resulted from their driving. For those who are involved in an accident with an Uber and Lyft driver, the first thing that should be done is to call the authorities and seek assistance. Medical personnel should also be contacted to provide first aid if there are any grave injuries on the site of the accident. It is also important to document the crash site to provide any additional evidence to lawyers and the authorities.

There are times when Uber and Lyft fail to cooperate with the parties involved, and when it happens, a professional lawyer with a background in resolving these type of cases should be contacted. The lawyers are the ones who would gather all the evidence needed to forward the case. If you are involved in an accident with a rideshare driver, it is important to work with a lawyer and share your story about the incident. The details regarding the accident are important to build a case that can be filed against those who are involved.

There is a case that happened in real-life involving a passenger, an Uber driver, and another vehicle. This incident happened in Texas, and a woman who thought that she would be coming home safely ended up being severely injured. According to her, the Uber driver recklessly runs through the red light and it collided with another vehicle. The woman ended up becoming a quadriplegic, and she had to take a catheter after the accident to relieve herself. The accident changed her life, and she is seeking justice for what happened to her. The woman decided to work with lawyers who are specializing in personal injury cases, and they started building a case against Uber, the driver, and Honda, which manufactured the car model she was in when the accident happened.

The police, on the other hand, decided to charge the vehicle that hit the Honda vehicle being driven by an Uber driver. As the case rolled, the woman pointed out that her safety was in question because of how the driver operated the vehicle, and the court also found out that the Uber driver is not insured. Uber is reminded to make sure who they are contracting with so that similar accidents would never happen next time. The court also stated that severe penalties await rideshare companies that would not comply with the requirements mandated by the government.

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