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Is There an Online Exam for PRINCE2?

Yes, both Prince 2 Foundation exam and Prince 2 Practitioner exam can be taken online. Appropriate training is required. Even if you are planning to give the review online, then you need to follow a process that qualifies you to attend it online. Though there are multiple options available online to go with the online exam, you need to pay the fee or buy the Prince 2 voucher from an accredited training organization.

You need to submit your necessary personal information with the examination organization, and you’ll get a voucher. Moreover, you can fill the exam application without buying the voucher as well. Before you apply for any training institute online, check how you can apply for Prince 2 exam online. Though training institutes can provide you with information about it, it is your choice whether to take the exam online or in a classroom.

Effective Solution for Prince 2 Exam Online

So, with the help of the remote web proctor solution, you can easily give your exam according to your preferred date and time. What are web proctored exams? Such a solution is increasing and is gaining the position highly in the certification industry. Many professionals are seeking various ways of getting a much-needed professional certification with no hassles.

Also, many firms are investing in the remote web proctor solution so that they can provide their students or candidates with a chance to attend the exam anytime and anywhere comfortably. Through this solution, a candidate can show its presence via webcam and online proctor.

Online Proctor: It’s Time to Go Digital!

Online proctoring means a digital form of evaluation that allows you to sit for the exam from any place. While the review is going online, the software doesn’t detect the location, but only keeps track of the time in which a candidate has to complete his or her exam. No matter, the online proctor system provides you to pick the location of your choice, it should be reliable and free from any cheat or fraud.

Monitoring software is useful and can trace you through webcam, and thus, the exam goes fraud-free.

Why Remote Web Proctor Solution

Time-flexibility: For those seeking flexibility in their schedule, online proctoring is the best solution. It is up to you when you want to take the exam. Online proctoring offers you to freely attend the reviews according to your convenient time.


  • Easy Access to International Education


Educational organizations with online courses have candidates across the world. It is not possible for every student to attend the institute due to economic conditions, but it is possible with online access. Online proctoring helps students to attend the classes online and save their day. Students can learn many things online and can ask questions or doubts aptly.


  • Applicable for All Students


No matter where you locate, sitting in an exam with other students in different areas is possible. It makes easy access for students who want to pursue their studies internationally, and also for local students. This solution is worth if you are work full-time or part-time. You don’t need to show your presence in the educational institute.


  • Compatible for All Kinds of Exams


It is easy to supervise any exam through online proctors. Whether the exam type is objective-type, aptitude, or essays, the online proctor can work for you efficiently. It can offer you full assistance in any exam digitally. Even, a live proctoring asks students to confirm their handwritten notes.

Online proctoring revolutionize the education system. It has reduced many hours that is reaching and coming back from the classroom. The solution has made exams to be fun.

Therefore, it has become easy for students who are looking to give their exams online conveniently. The review for Prince 2 is easy to carry through a remote web proctor solution by considering a few things.

With a good helicopter overview of Prince 2 project, it is easy for a candidate to understand when he can take the exam after having full-preparation. For your help, here are tips for taking Prince 2 Exam.

Tips for Taking Prince 2 Foundation Exam

Find a reputable online institute where you can study for the Prince2 Foundation exam and clear all your doubts. Online training ensures you if you can get ready for the exam or not. Even, you can easily practice various sample question papers and previous year question papers before making the final attempt.

After filling the application, you’ll be provided with a reference code to register for your examination and take your exam. The code is sent to you within 1-2 days. Prince 2 Foundation exam is processed within 24 hours.

What about e-certificate and exam results? You’ll get the instant result once the exam is done. After declaring the result online, you can receive its formal confirmation within two weeks in your email address. Once you get your official result sheets, you can apply for the e-certificate.

Format of Prince 2 Foundation Exam: 75 questions per paper, 35 marks required means 50%, Closed book, objective-type, five questions to be trial and not counted in scores, and 1-hour duration.

Prince 2 Foundation Exam Syllabus: The candidates must be able to explain the significant role and purpose of seven principles, processes, and themes. Moreover, they should know about the management products and can differentiate between deliverables, processes, management dimensions, and roles of a project.

Tips for Taking Prince 2 Practitioner Exam

  • You can give this exam if you have successfully qualified for the Prince 2 foundation exam. You need a professional trainer to prepare this exam and a reputable organization.
  • You can get the booking reference code to be used when you sign in to attend the exam online. You’ll receive the code after your purchase within 2-days, Remember, registration for Foundation exam and practitioner exam includes the fee.
  • The result will be declared right after the exam, and you can get the e-certificate once you receive the formal result report in your mail address.

Format of Prince 2 Practitioner Exam: Multiple-choice, passing score is 55%, open book, eight sections with ten questions each, and time duration is 150 minutes.

Thus, it is easy to prepare for Prince 2 and giving its exam online.

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