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Did you know that your sleeping position can affect your health?

“Hey, wait a minute.  The position I sleep in at night can affect my health?  How?” If you are like most people, you would probably ask these questions when told that your sleeping position can affect your health.  While it may sound hard to believe, it’s true that your sleeping position influences your health. This is because you sleep soundly when you are comfortable and your immune system is at its best when you sleep soundly at night.  By the way, your immune system plays a large role in keeping you healthy!

Your sleeping position affects your health

What your sleeping position says about your health should be of prime importance to you especially if you are concerned with keeping yourself as healthy as possible.  As mentioned earlier, sound sleep gives a substantial boost to your immune system which is largely responsible for keeping you healthy.  Since you spend a third of your life sleeping, it is important to learn which position you should sleep in at night to make you feel very comfortable so that you fall into a deep sleep quickly and stay there.  You should sleep on your back with your arms against your sides. This is referred to as the ‘sleeping soldier’ position.

A full sized bed and its dimensions

What are the dimensions of a full-sized bed?  While this may sound like a silly question to you, one that has nothing to do with the quality of sleep you get at night, it is actually very relevant.  You are comfortable only when you sleep on a bed which is large enough to accommodate your entire body. A full-sized bed has these dimensions and what’s more is that it comes at a price which will make your wallet smile.  The average full sized bed is seventy one inches long by seventy nine inches wide. This is more than the dimensions for most other bed sizes.

Have you ever thought of sleeping on a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses have become popular in recent years.  Hybrid mattress size is extremely important if you are thinking about buying one.  When you sleep on a hybrid mattress, you will feel as though you are being ‘rocked to sleep’ by its eight layers of premium materials which are soft to the touch.  In addition, they are crafted with care and are made out of the best organic cotton which has been specifically and carefully chosen for the purpose of making mattresses which people feel pampered with. 

Now that you know

Sleep is very important to you as it should be since you spend approximately one third of your day in this mode.  What is more important than the quantity of sleep you get is the quality of sleep you get at night. Factors such as your sleeping position and the type and size of bed you sleep on make a huge difference in determining how well you sleep at night, and hence the state of your overall mental and physical health!


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