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Suffering a Low Rating on IMDB: the 1MDB Scandal

The political world has never been one that you’d call truthful, innocent, good.Corruption is rampant, money talks louder than ever, and personal glory trumps character.However, what I’ve said isn’t a controversial statement; Matter of fact, it’s well-known.

Exposés  of corruption in politics has become a phenomenon that’s picked up steam, even if the scandals are quickly forgotten.  Take, for example, the Panama Papers of 2016, where many politicians and celebrities were found guilty of money laundering and performing loopholes with their taxes.

Speaking of celebrities, all of what I’ve said isn’t limited to politicians, as Hollywood, Bollywood, and every wood in between have been home to corrupt people and power trips.  Remember Harvey Weinstein? There are others like him in Hollywood, and there are many Hollywoods.

But what drives the corruption in politics?  Hollywood? Is it fame? The drive for personal glory and an unmatched legacy?

These do play a part, but the common factor behind corruption is one that has been around for centuries, has corrupted the hearts of men and women and has drained the soul out of many actions.


It’s money that fans the flames of corruption, and one scandal highlights the role of money in politics and Hollywood alike.  Welcome, to 1MDB, a scandal that is still sending waves after it’s discovery in 2016.


  • The Start of 1MDB


1MDB, a Malaysian state fund set up by then prime minister, Najib Razak, has been under extreme criticism since the news of it acting as a money laundering scheme surfaced in 2016.

What was supposed to aid foreign development for Malaysia acted as a get-rich scheme for politicians and celebrities from around the world.  Since it’s inception, many have been caught in the crossfire of the scandal, including actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Razak and his family, his lawyer, and multiple other powerful figures.

The 1MDB scandal has been named one of the biggest financial scandals in history, with the headcount still growing.  Actually, I brought this scandal up today because of some recent news that deals with a certain producer who worked closely with Leonardo DiCaprio.


  • Some 1MDB Irony


The movie Wolf of Wall Street currently sits at an 8.2/10 on IMDB, which I think is fair.  It’s a funny, great movie that has star power, with lead roles being performed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie.  

The crew behind the movie cared about the movie so much!  You can tell that there was a lot of work and passion put into it.  I heard that some of the crew even performed some method acting, deciding to live just like the characters in the movie.  By that, I mean embezzling money and performing fraud.

Even the producer!  According to the Malaysian government, the producer of Wolf of Wall Street, Riza Aziz, who also co-owns the production company Red Granite, is guilty of misappropriating $248 million.  Turns out that the movie was more of an autobiography than a piece of fiction.

Red Granite is said to have financed three of their films through 1MDB, though this claim is still being investigated along with the rest of 1MDB.  Maybe Aziz can try to cover his tracks with a VPN or something.  He can definitely afford it.


  • A Never-Ending Conclusion


What happens when powerful men obtain the power they desire?  They chase whatever grants them more power. It just so happens that money speaks every language.

I’d be surprised if Riza Aziz turns out to be the only producer or prevalent figure in Hollywood that has had run-ins with 1MDB.  Some can’t resist the allure of more money, even when they don’t need it. Hopefully, 1MDB doesn’t fade into nothingness like the Panama Papers, but only time will tell.

Letting these figures get away with these crimes sends a message though, a message that should never be sent.  That power = justice.

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