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Why Do Students Pay Strangers for Homework Help?

Why Do Students Pay Strangers for Homework Help? 

More and more students nowadays decide to pay somebody else to do their homework and projects. This business area is gaining popularity even despite the fact that the practice is totally illegal, and students caught on academic works purchase will definitely be expelled from their educational institutions. So, why take such risks? Why pay so much money for the work that some stranger will write for you, risking your academic reputation and money? That’s a puzzle to most experts that we are trying to resolve.  

Homework Help Service: A Deal Only for Foreign Students?    

As a rule, homework help services are popular among foreign students who have a poor command of English. Just think about that: a student coming from some distant country like China or a GCC state and finds it hard even to converse well, let alone putting down his/her thoughts on paper. The first problem such students come across are poor grades; even if they know the subject well, they may fail to complete written assignments well. As a result, they study well but have low GPAs, which is a highly distressing experience. 

As Jalil X (a student’s pseudonym) from the Walden University shared, “I know math well, but I can’t write well. So I failed one grade because my tutor do not understand what I mean.” 

This problem was also acknowledged by a Professor of Technology from the Penn University whom I interviewed last week. He stated that it’s indeed hard to evaluate foreign students’ works according to general standards, as they may be good in content but lacking the formal perfection in terms of grammar, syntax, word choice, and even basic spelling. So, as he said, “We are aware of the problem; low grades for great works may be discouraging for foreign students. But rules are rules and setting double standards in education is also not a good solution. Let’s hope that a more or less balancing solution will surface soon, taking into account how many foreign students come to study here every year. Ignoring their needs would be non-strategical.” 

Why Would a Native English Speaker Need a Help with his Homework Assignment?  

All is clear with foreign students; they know their subject well and simply compensate the lack of English knowledge by hiring writers to complete their algebra, chemistry, economic homework, as well as research papers, and other projects. In such a way, they guarantee that a poor command of English won’t hinder their grades and won’t prevent them from showing real knowledge. But what makes native English speakers search for writing professionals? What do they mean typing “do my homework” in the Google search bar? That’s a more complex issue. 

As the manager of JustDoMyHomework shared with us, the percentage of American students ordering homework help is still high, reaching 20-25% every hot season – the time of exams and tests. The reasons students name when having their homework done by someone else (if they prefer to comment on it) include: 

  • A lack of time for some specific assignment because of multiple deadlines approaching;
  • A lack of some subject’s understanding (for instance, a student may be very good at Management, but fail to understand some basic Political Science assignments); 
  • A lack of confidence in one’s ability to put everything on paper for an A+ grade.
  • Poor command of written English. 

This observation is reasonable: being not good at writing is not necessarily an attribute of an ESL student only. Being a native speaker does not guarantee writing excellence. So, additional training in writing well should be put in place in educational establishments to let students develop their own writing skills instead of risking their education and involving in doubtful, illegal academic endeavors.  

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