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Using Parkos to get the ideal parking lot

When traveling for a business trip or a vacation there is a list of things you note down to ensure that you travel with minimal challenges, airport parking is mostly at the bottom of the list and sometimes even forgotten. Several passengers find themselves in a dilemma as their flight is almost departing and they are yet to find a secure and affordable parking spot to leave their car. This leads to passengers having to pay double or triple the required price, and at times they terminate their vacation earlier than the expected dates as the airport parking is draining their funds to the point of bankruptcy.

If you have found yourself in such a situation, I might have a solution for you. is an online platform that analyses the available parking lots and gives the passenger a wide variety of parking spots and their charges. Parkos has collaborated with the airport parking authorities to come up with a price which is affordable and friendly to the consumer.  From the comfort of your house, you can book the best available parking lot depending on your convince and financial ability, and this reduces the hustle of driving around different parking reservations around the airport asking for a parking space.

The process of booking parking is straight forward.

  •   The car owner selects the airport they would love to book a parking spot
  •   Confirmation of the departure and arrival dates 
  •   You are given several parking lots and authority to choose the best parking lot, depending on your needs.
  •   You are required to pay for the reservation for the parking lot.
  •   Car owner receives an email with a receipt acknowledging you have made the payment.
  •   On your departure day, you can drive the car to the parking lot yourself and use the shuttle to the airport terminal, but for valet parking, the car will be collected by the driver.
  •   On the day of arrival, you will get your car secure and collect it and drive it home.

Cancellation of the booking and change of the parking lot is free if you have notified the management 24 hours before the day of departure.

Why choose for airport parking

  • Location

All the airport parking reserve associated with Parkos are few minutes from the airport making it easy for the passengers to have enough time to park their car and get in the airport on time for their flight. Some shuttles go to and from the airport after every 20 minutes, and therefore they can transport you to the airport after you are done parking or after coming back from your journey. Although parking lots are close to the airport, the rates are very low to attract more customers. Many people believe that low prices mean poor services, but that does not apply to Parkos.

  • Quality

All the parking associated with Parkos is required to provide high-quality services to the customer at any given time.  The company performs a regular assessment to the parking they work with to ensure that they maintain the quality at all time.  This helps Parkos associate to distinguish themselves from other parking service providers within the airport.

  • Cancelation and change of parking lot is free

Sometimes things do not go as planned, and one may have to change or cancel the booking, Parkos management understands that, and it does not charge the client even a single coin. This gives Parkos, and parking associate an added advantage over their competitors since most of them require the owner of the car to pay for damages. One is required to inform the company 24 hours before the departure day.

  • Safety

The main reason for looking for parking at the airport is to ensure that our cars are secure during our vacation or business trip. Because of that, Parkos inspects all the parking to ensure that they meet the entire security requirement. Therefore all the parking lots associated with Parkos are very secure ensuring that your car is safe while you are away. 

  • Easy to book

Using Parkos is easy and at the same time easy to book for a parking lot in your preferred airport parking. This reduces the hustle of having to go to and from different airport parking lots to book for a parking spot.

  • Lowest prices in the market

Nobody wishes to spend more for parking their vehicles, and because of that, Parkos negotiated with the Airport parking authority and came up with rates that are affordable to the consumers. The ability to compare different prices of different helps the user to save extra cash depending on the type of parking spot they want.

Parkos is still expanding, and it is currently in several airports in the United States, including Miami Airport, JFK airport, and many more. Over 400,000 people have booked using this platform, meaning that it is being accepted as the ideal airport parking service. So the next time you are stranded and you are not sure where to park your car check for, and maybe that will be your lucky day to save time and also save some cash.

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