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10 Reasons Why PostgreSQL Is Best For Beginners

PostgreSQL is a relational database management system that has seen a sudden surge in its popularity in the last five years. It is currently the world’s fourth most popular database after Oracle, MySQL, and SQL. While it still has miles to go before it climbs to the top, it is already one of the most sought-after DBMS in the job market.

There is a steady increase in the number of companies now switching over to PostgreSQL across a wide industry spectrum right from IT, Education, and Telecommunications to Financial Services and Hospitality.

Irrespective of your knowledge of relational database, you can still learn by enrolling online for a Postgres course. Here’s why Postgres is the preferred RDBMS by professionals across the globe:

Why Is Postgres Preferred?

Postgres is an advance RDBMS that is preferred by professionals as it is robust, reliable, cross-platform compatible, scalable, and supports replication. It is clearly a powerful database management system that offers unparalleled performance. It is ACID compliant and supports all modern web frameworks such as Django, Hibernate, PHP, Ruby on Rails, node.js, etc.

What Is PostgreSQL DBA?

In any company, the key roles and responsibilities of a Database Administrator (DBA) include database management, user management, database backup and restore, and database security, etc. PostgreSQL Administration also covers all of these roles and responsibilities for a PostgreSQL database server.

By enrolling in a PostgreSQL training, you can learn the fundamentals of Postgres DBA. This will enable you to use all features of Postgres such as Multi-version concurrency control, managing tablespaces, replication, point in time recovery, backups, and fault tolerance, etc.

Why Is PostgreSQL worth Learning?

The features of Postgres set it apart from all the other DBMS. It offers:

  1. Compliance with ACID properties and ANSI.
  2. Cross-platform compatibility to ensure you can conveniently link it with different platforms and frameworks. It supports all major languages and other databases.
  3. Superior performance in handling parallel queries and cost-based query optimization.
  4. Crucial operations that help in Data Analysis and Data Warehousing.
  5. Rich set of features to support location-based services for geographic information systems.
  6. Exemplary fault tolerance that ensures zero downtime upgrades.
  7. Enhanced security features that include built-in SSL support and encrypted communication.
  8. Excellent support for cloud-based services such as Amazon Web, Microsoft Azure, etc.
  9. Users and roles management as an administrator.
  10. A sophisticated locking mechanism.

What Are the Objectives of Online PostgreSQL Training?

The key objectives of Online Postgres training are to learn the fundamentals and advanced features of Postgres with theory tutorials and practical workshops. Whether you are a novice or an expert DBA, learning a new tool such as Postgres will be a cakewalk if you enrol for an online course in PostgreSQL.

Online training programs offer handholding support right from concepts of relational databases to developing applications using PostgreSQL. They also offer demos, practice sessions, and mock exercises so that you can learn database installation, connection, writing queries, database management, and SQL statements in a simulated environment.

Are You Also Interested in Learning Front-End Designing?

If you are an entrepreneur, student, CTO, Team Leader, or a Product Manager, then it will be an added advantage if you have knowledge of both front-end and back-end. While learning PostgreSQL will ensure you have a strong hold over your application’s back-end, the face of an e-commerce business is its front-end. You can only attract and retain customers with an attractive and intuitive user interface. So, apart from the back-end, if you are also interested in learning front-end technologies then you must also enrol for a UI/UX design course.

This course will teach you how to do customer profiling, how to create designs focusing on information architecture, how to integrate technologies with design processes, and how to best use the different design technologies to build attractive and intuitive user interfaces. You will get to learn and master exciting tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch, etc.

This way the next time you create your own mobile app you will be self-sufficient to handle both front-end and back-end of any project successfully.

Learning Should Never End

After reading this post, should you decide to get certified in both PostgreSQL and UI/UX design, then you mustn’t look back. Companies are always searching for skilled Project Managers that can efficiently supervise both front-end and back-end teams. If you are an experienced professional proficient in both, then you have very high chances of grabbing coveted leadership roles.

On the contrary, even if you become proficient in either, there are still a number of vacancies in reputed companies where you will be sought after!

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