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5 Powerful Tips to Write an Essay in One Hour

There are such moments in your life when you need to write an essay and you have neither time nor aspiration. But the assignment is there, you have a topic and must discuss it in details. If you are looking for the information on how to complete tasks faster and easier, you can find some tips below.

How to Write an Essay in 60 Minutes

1. Make the Essay Outline

Focus on the topic and try to answer the questions asked. If you are going to dwell on how to survive college life, you might want to list some points that are relevant to this topic first. For example, it is possible to write about time management, how to study during exams, how to handle your assignments, and how to choose the right part-time job. 

Make sure to add such an introduction that hooks your readers and a conclusion that will compel them to take action. You can spend 15 minutes doing this.

2. Write the Essay According to the Structure

After you have written the outline, you should be able to fill up some information that expands the subheadings of your topic. In such a way, your readers will be able to understand the issues you discussed better. Moreover, there are some websites such as studymoose that can give you more helpful tips on how to make a paper according to all academic requirements. 

3. Create a Captivating Title

Finding an interesting title is easier after you have finished the paper. It is better to use word combinations that are connected to the theme of your essay. An example of a title phrase may be Patience: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait if you are writing about patience in general.

You should spend at least a few minutes writing a title that can catch your teacher’s attention at first glance. It should also be interesting for your audience on the whole.

4. Edit Your Essay

Make sure to edit and proofread from the top to the bottom. Pay attention to every little detail such as correct punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes that you might have incurred while writing. You also need to look through the entire paper once again to check whether it is logically built using the words, phrases or events so that you receive high marks.

Editing the entire paper should take about 10 minutes of your time. If you are a fast learner, you should be able to rewrite the edited version immediately and deliver the assignment without mistakes or unclear content.

 5. Read Your Essay One More Time 

If you still have enough time, read your essay one more time. Make sure that the entire paper makes sense, it is relevant to the topic, and it follows the required structure mentioned by your professor. 

Constantly Write and Practice

If you know that you will have to complete some writing tasks in the future, you can practice composing texts with a variety of topics, which will help you to organize thoughts more quickly. You don’t want to be a student who is worried about test outcomes because you have not prepared properly. Do not submit a poorly worded, clumsy or forced paper. It is a guarantee that you will have failing grades.

What You Can Do Today

Surviving essay writing during college requires a lot of practice and tricks that you can learn from others. You may check with the experts and ask them for some pieces of advice in writing an essay. Your time is really worth it if you can write a paper in any topic as the majority of the subjects and courses require them. Do an excellent job within one hour by practicing and writing constantly.


If you master the tips above, you will be able to come up with an excellent essay that can give you the highest grades. Start practicing your own writing habits today and collaborate with skillful people if possible. Without any doubt, you learn a lot in the process. At the same time, you can save a lot of time and money if you compose your own essay in the long run without the help from anyone. Writing essays may also provide you with a freelancing career if you become a master in the field of writing. So research well and do a great job starting now.

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