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6 Things You Need to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

You and your spouse have been raised in different households. This is why there is a high possibility that you won’t ever be able to work out your differences in the long run. This could put a strain in your marriage and inevitably lead to divorce. When that happens, you will need the services of a divorce lawyer, who will help you sort out your assets, child custody, alimony, and more.

Going through a divorce can be one of the toughest times in your life. You’ll spend sleepless nights thinking about what went wrong, how you’re going to move on, or how will your children feel. A million things can go through your mind, making the experience even more daunting not only for you but also for those around you.

This is why you need to choose which divorce lawyers you’re going to hire.

Questions to ask divorce lawyers

It’s important that you get every detail of the divorce process from your divorce attorneys themselves. You want to make sure that you don’t get any surprises in the end.

  1. Are there any hidden costs you need to pay?

Oftentimes, the cost of hiring a divorce attorney is higher than the estimated cost. So be sure to ask about their fee structure before anything else. Keep in mind that legal practitioners will charge you for every hour they spend on your case.

  1. How much experience do you have with divorce cases?

It’s important that you make sure your attorney is experienced in this area to ensure that you’ll win the case. So, ask them how many divorce cases have they handled and what types of settlements have they made. This is especially important if you have special marital conditions like if you’re both in the military or you are in a same-sex marriage.

  1. What accreditations do you have?

Institutions like the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and other organizations that provide accreditation to divorce lawyers. It’s important that the lawyers you hire are accredited with them to ensure that they have the experience and knowledge in divorce cases.

  1. How long will the divorce procedure take?

Each state has a procedure of its own, which your attorney will need to follow to file for your divorce. Your lawyer should be able to give you an estimate of how long the procedure can take, which depends on the complexity of your case. It’s best that you prepare for what lies ahead, especially if you have a full-time job or are taking care of your kids on your own.

  1. How much alimony can you receive?

Different states have different laws that dictate whether a spouse can receive alimony from the other spouse. The money you are going to pay or are going to receive at the end of the divorce may be based on the length of your marriage, earnings, and the like. Raising this question with your attorney will give you a good idea of whether you have potential liabilities as the divorce proceedings progress or not.

  1. Do they have experience with child custody and support?

If you have children, this will be an integral part of the process. You and your ex-spouse will agree on an arrangement for your kids. In some cases, the battle between child custody may be done through mediation or arbitration. Only an experienced family lawyer will be able to help you decide on the best course of action when it comes to your children.

You need to get a free consultation to know your circumstances right away. Get a hold a divorce lawyer today to get peace of mind.

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