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7 Tips for Writing a Top-Notch Essay Overnight

It would be amazing to have all the time in the world and be able to submit every paper on time, without investing too much effort into it. Fortunately or unfortunately, it would hardly be called an education then. Students often get anxious about the necessity to write papers when the deadline is scarily close, mostly overnight. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t hurry to decide that mission is impossible. Follow these tips on how to write a top-notch essay overnight and you will have good chances to close these deal in less than 10 hours.

Create a Brief Plan That Will Guide You

Writing in a hurry without a plan is not the best idea ever. Students normally don’t want to waste time on writing a plan, but they harm their result greatly this way. When after several hours of writing you get tired, stuck and very sleepy, you will use the plan you have crafted before to keep you going. So, spend some extra time on it, and win the battle later. Plan also helps to fight procrastination.

Limit Time for Research

Doing research is often much more fun than writing, as you get to know new things and your personal input is still very limited. Research is a demanding process, but still it doesn’t require much logical thinking and creating new senses, especially when we are talking about essay writing. That is why you should limit your research time to no more than two hours and start writing as soon as possible.

Use Pomodoro Technique

When you have plenty of time to deal with the assignment, you can work just the way it feels better at that time. Take long pauses, etc. When you write under time pressure, you should be very attentive to the schedule you use, because otherwise you will not be able to beat procrastination efficiently. The secret is in working in preliminary decided periods, patterns, not violating them. The less time you have, the later you write the more dynamic should be those patterns. For example, don’t promise yourself to work two hours and then rest in half an hour. Set much more dynamic routine: 20 minutes of writing or research, five minute of rest. If you stick to this pattern, you will get enough rest to stay effective.

Get Some Fresh Air

Brain needs oxygen to work. When you lack oxygen, fresh air, your brain turns on an economy model, as it is not interested in your essay, it is interested in maintaining all the major processes in your body. To prevent your brain getting tired and turning on the safety mode, don’t forget about proper ventilation in your room, and if needed walk around for ten minutes every hour.

Use Paid Articles/Sources

Normally, students hate to pay for Research materials, articles on JSTOR, etc. When you have time to look for better options, it is only reasonable, but when you find yourself under severe time pressure, it is not the best idea to be stingy, if the particular piece can save your paper and let you finish it before the deadline.

Look for Essay Writing Help

One of our readers once mentioned:

“I physically can’t pull the allnighter sometimes, even if the result is truly important. In such cases I prefer to pay someone to write my essay online, than to torture myself and still create something not worthy that overnight struggle.”

We consider it to be a reasonable position, as you should always be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Proofread While Writing

Don’t leave proofreading to the last moment, as badly edited paper can cause more trouble than a not submitted one. Proofread every abstract while writing, this way you will be sure in the quality of at least more than half of your essay.

It is truly hard to write a top-notch essay overnight, but if you don’t skip any of these tips, you have all the chances. Brace yourself and start right away!

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