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Why Phuket is the Best Destination to Have a Honeymoon on a Budget

Planning a honeymoon is one of the most exciting yet a nerve-wracking phase of your new life especially if you are struggling with budget constraints. It is only natural to dream of the best possible honeymoon that you can manage. This is one phrase that does not come again in your life and is your opportunity to make the best of your newly married life. Unfortunately, most exotic honeymoon destinations that are fairytale locations are also too expensive to afford for an average person. However, you do not have to feel low because there are a few destinations that will offer you unparalleled fun and one of a kind experience without spending a fortune.

If you look beyond the usual honeymoon destinations in the west and the African destinations, there lies a hidden gem, Phuket, in the heart of Thailand in Asia. Phuket is the largest island of the country and has an unmatched blend of natural beauty, pristine beaches and a diverse range of activities and attractions. The island first attracted attention in 2000 when it was featured in the Hollywood movie The Beach. These exotic natural gems have all the right things to make a perfect honeymoon destination.


If you are on a budget, you will fall in love with this place for the unimaginably economical prices. The island is easily accessible via both direct international flights or through domestic connections from Bangkok. Phuket has numerous hotels, motels, hotels and beach resorts which are available at very pocket-friendly rates. If you can book well in advance, you can even get a decently luxurious beach resort overlooking the sea for less than $200 per night. You can rent a car or bikes at very economical prices to move around the island. There are no fixed prices and how good a deal you can get depends pretty much on your bargaining skills.

Beautiful Beaches

Beaches are an important part of a fairytale honeymoon and Phuket has some of the best pristine sandy shores in the world. If you love to be at a place where you can party hard all night and can enjoy booze and music with scrumptious food, Patong beach is your place to be. The beach also has amazing water sports activities. If the crowded Patong is something you are not eyeing and if you are looking for something more secluded, you can drift away to Kata or Karon beach. You can take the entire experience a notch above and cruise towards Koh Phi Phi, and spend a few days at the beautiful islands.

Activities and Attractions

Phuket has a lot to offer beyond beaches that you will love to explore as a couple. You can easily book many of the online Phuket tours as per your convenience. For history and cultural buffs, the town is home to some of the most beautiful ancient Buddhist temples. Besides that, there are adventure activities such as white water rafting, and elephant trekking. You can trek through the natural forests and enjoy the mesmerizing natural waterfalls. Phuket FantaSea is the largest and the best cultural show that adorns the town every day and is worth a visit.

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