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How Much Can You Get for Your Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve been involved in an accident – slip and fall, car accident, and so on – and you think that someone else is to blame, then you will definitely think about filling a personal injury case.

Naturally, when filling such a case, your main thought is whether the compensation you may receive would be enough to cover your medical bills or any type of damage. Moreover, you might reconsider hiring a lawyer.

That’s why, in today’s article, we thought we should tell you how much you can get for your personal injury case, as well as what influences the final compensation.

The Common Outcomes

Most personal injury cases end up in a received settlement – specifically, roughly 67% of people receive a settlement as a result of their personal injury case, without going to trial.

On the other hand, 29% of cases end up in no trial or settlement, while only 4% of them result in a trial in court.

In short, it is better for anyone to have a settlement as their main goal, as it is more likely to receive the needed amount of compensation from it rather than as a trial result.

The Common Compensation Values

The usual compensation value for a personal injury case varies between $3000 and $75,000. By checking some online statistics, you can find out that around 16% of people receive the lowest amount, while only 10% receive the highest amount (between $25,000 and $75,000).

The highest percentage – 37% – comes for the second lowest value, between $3000 and $10,000.

It is worth noting that, when it comes to personal injury cases, the compensation values are influenced by your injuries (serious injuries lead to higher payouts) and by the defendant’s insurance policy. The insurance company of the defendant will not offer settlements that are over the policy’s limits.

Aspects that Can Influence Your Compensation

  • Lawyer vs. No Lawyer

First of all, it is highly recommended that you hire a lawyer. According to multiple statistics, people that hire a lawyer for their personal injury case has a percentage of almost 100% of receiving a payout.

On the other hand, only half of personal injury cases’ victims receive a payout when they don’t have a lawyer. You can find a lawyer that will provide you with all the explanation you need about your case at the Shapiro Legal Group – specialized in personal injury cases.

Moving on, those that got a payout and had a lawyer reportedly received nearly three times more compensation value than the victims that didn’t hire a lawyer. In short, from an average compensation of roughly $18,000 without a lawyer, people that did hire one received roughly $78,000.

  • Negotiating Compensation

It is also important that you always leave room for negotiation, so to say. Victims that accept the first offer they are given can actually receive four times less compensation than they would if they negotiated.

  • Filing or Threatening with a Lawsuit

Moreover, if you file or threaten the other party of your case with a lawsuit, you may end up receiving twice the value of your initial compensation. It is important to let them know that, if you don’t receive what you want, you will take things one step further.

The Bottom Line

Naturally, while you can do plenty of things to increase the value of your personal injury case, it is always better to hire and consult with a lawyer so that you can make sure that you will receive the highest compensation possible.

The short answer for the initial question in this article is that you can get as low as $3000, especially if you don’t take the necessary measures, and as high as $75,000 if you prepare yourself accordingly.


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