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3 Copywriting Strategies Help You Convert Like Crazy

Whether you are selling an eBook, software, a plugin, or have a business, you will be looking for new ways to boost your business. You can convert about 113% more if you invest in writing a good copy. Today business owners and marketers are creating content at an alarming pace. Every day, at least 25000000 pieces are created. On average marketers invest about 25% of their marketing budget on content marketing.

Considering the amount of content that is put up and the investment that goes with it, you might think what the ROI is? How will you generate sales? Here is where copywriting comes into the picture. An excellent copy pinpoints your audience’s pain points and tries to give the best solutions.

In this article, I have outlined 3 proven copywriting tactics that will not only boost your search volume but also give a considerable leg up to your business.

So, let’s get started.

  1.    You must know your audience

Who is your audience? In what age category they fall? What are their demographics? Mapping your buyer personas is the first steps to get them to buy from you. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the only way you can maintain a long term relationship is to engage with people, and you can do so by knowing them. Mapping your buyer personas help to bridge the gap between you and your audience. One way to build buyer personas effectively is to name them— Johnny, Sharon, and Jennifer.

This is, however, the first step. After that, you need to understand their demographics and age. Gather data from whichever resource you’re getting and put it in a file. Your data must have surveys and information from authoritative resources.

When you’re designing your personas, it should symbolize your primary or secondary audience. Strike down goals that your person might be having and the best strategies to meet them. This information will help you build a road map to persuade your buyer persona.

Business owners from all walks of life are embracing the process of outlining buyer personas as it gives them an edge over your competitors.


  1.    Gauge on persuasive hacks

What factors influences your potential customers? Instead of juggling to convert your readers into customers, try leveraging through growth hacking techniques. The growth hacking techniques involve proven marketing tactics to grow your business. You can also persuade your target customers through online persuasion. When you’re sure about their needs, you can speak their language and convince them to buy from you.

  1.    Write enticing and clear headlines

It is a proven fact that people will read your content only if the headline is catchy enough. The headline is the engine that drives the bogies— your customers— to read your content. Hence it would be best if you create creative and catchy headlines to persuade your readers to read the rest of the article. A whopping number of 2 million blog posts are created every day. If you want to be a cookie cutter, you need to start writing insanely great headlines.

You know that when you don’t understand anything, turn to Google. Tons of millions of articles have been written on how to produce creative and catchy headlines that instantly pulls your attention. Numerous tools will also help you do so. With the mixture of creativity and keywords, you will be able to put up a headline that enables you to convert like crazy.

Get your hands on copywriting today!

Copywriting is an inherent part of any marketing strategy. It plays a vital role in creating a unique, useful, and actionable marketing strategy. Here are three tried and tested copywriting strategies that will help your customers to meet their goals, which in turn is your goal. Happy writing! Happy marketing!

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