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How to Say Good Bye to Dry and Damaged Hair Easily?

Hair is one of the most beautiful assets of your body. Hair plays an important role in defining your personality and look and they enhance your beauty. They also play a key role in giving you a much-needed change of look when you are bored our feeling down. You can play around with your hair as much as you want but all that is only possible when your hair has the life it needs. The most beautiful asset of your body can also turn into a frustrating nightmare if it loses all its life, volume, and shine. How many times have you decided to chop off your locks because you were done with the unmanageable frizz and lifeless brittle? Do you resist the urge to open your hair and keep them tied in a bun or a braid because you do not find them worth flaunting? 

Although many salons will try to sell your hair treatments and products that will promise to bring your hair back to life that is all either temporary or just a farce marketing gimmick aimed at milking hundreds of dollars out of your pockets. What many people do not know is that you can easily get your hair back to life by following a few basic tips without spending a fortune at a salon every few weeks.

Stick to Basics

The biggest culprit in ruining your hair is all those harsh chemicals that go into your hair, either in the form of hair products that you use or the chemical treatments and hairdos that you get from the salon. The first step to getting good hair is to eliminate everything that damages it These means say goodbye to all hair products and treatments that are loaded with harsh chemicals. Most shampoos and conditioners available in the market contain SLF or Sulfate, which is a major killer of your hair life. Use a Sulfate free or SLF free shampoo and conditioner preferably ones that are infused with Biotin and Collagen. Likewise, if you need to color your hair, look for ammonia free dyes.

Install a Water Softener

Have you ever considered that the water coming out of your shower could be the reason for your hair loss? Most of us get hard water in our water supply lines which damages our hair badly. Unfortunately, while we install water filters for drinking water, we do not pay much attention to the water that we use fora shower. Installing a water softener can filter out all the hard minerals, and provides you with water that is safer for your hair. You can read professional guides on how to buy a good water softener and how can it work for your house for further assistance.

Hair Care Regime

Make sure you have a hair care regime at home, Oil your hair religiously as oiling is essential food for your hair. Ideally, alternate between mustard and almond oil. Use mayonnaise as a hair mask before shampoo at least once a week. Wash your hair with SLF free shampoo and conditioner, and use a good leave-in conditioner after hair wash. If you are using any heat styling, such as blow dry or straightener, make sure to use a good heat protectant prior to using heat.

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