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How to Master the Art of DOOH Marketing

Nowadays, the global DOOH is a huge, well-established market that is expected to reach more than $8 billion by 2023. DOOH equals successful advertising, therefore, mastering the art of the digital-out-of-home will be a huge leap forward for any brand. Scroll down for our roundup of the best ideas, tips, and tricks that will hopefully become the “turning point” for your company in this market called DOOH. 

Master the mobile. DOOH and mobile technologies are revolutionizing the industry and changing everything. Location-based mobile marketing allows morphing the digital outdoor ad industry into an unstoppable advertising force: this is the best way to boost sales, increase brand recognition, and drive your ROI high. Recent research proves that mobile click-through rates increase by up to 15% when supported by out-of-home. Mobile display ads present the amazing opportunity to deliver your ads within proximity of digital billboards or displays; this enables brands to convey unbelievably precisely targeted messages. A recent case OOH + mobile case study for a video game marketer has shown a 127% traffic increase and proximity targeting for a fitness brand resulted in a whopping 260% boost in rates.

Master the FMDOOH. The dynamic DOOH is your best bet when mastering the art of digital-out-of-home. Dynamic digital signage shows constant steady growth within the DOOH industry, full-motion DOOH offers creative dynamic visuals that are a safe bet for any digital marketing strategy. FMDOOH is highly effective because it is literally impossible to ignore. To miss the message being delivered with a full-motion video on a high definition display the screen needs to be physically blocked, in any other case – the message will reach the audience. Dynamic content on billboards, in storefront windows, street signs, inside public transport, on metro ads were deemed “the future of advertising” by PwC, and their report has projected that by 2020 DOOH advertising revenues will overtake traditional media.

You can master anything! But, please, don’t. Don’t try to do everything yourself, it’s impractical, time-consuming and needlessly costly. Especially when it comes to visual content: there isn’t a way to run an effective DOOH campaign with poor quality designs, stock photos, and, the absolute worst – bad digital signage software. All of the above should be left to professionals. Your target audience is mostly the tech-savvy Gen Z and Millenials, both groups don’t tolerate bad visual content and prefer to ignore brands that use it. The best tip here for you is: master Google search to find the best digital signage software for your company. We use Kit Cast. They are a dominating force on the market for three of our non-negotiables for DS soft: they exhibit professional approach to design (beautiful templates, popular colors, fonts, backgrounds, images, etc), they are extremely easy to set up and use, and it is they have the best professional digital signage app for Apple TV. Additionally, they often introduce new applications, their recent additions like multiple playlists, content scheduling, and calendar widgets are perfect for running effective DOOH campaigns. Ultimately, good visual content gets you noticed, Kit Cast can help you create imagery that isn’t just your brand’s reflection but also drives your company forward and your sales up. 

Master the Storytelling. Powerful brand storytelling is the best friend of any marketing campaign, DOOH included. Storytelling, unlike stating the bare facts, are all about getting an emotional response. Customers base their brand loyalty mostly on feelings and experiences and not on data and statistics. Campaigns with a great story thrive. More often than not, behind a successful storytelling campaign, there is a  professional writer who knows what ropes to pull to transform brand message into a great story with an even greater ROI. They know how to target your audience, how to make your customers feel like they are a hero of your story and how to build a real bond and effectively engage people. Your brand’s storytelling isn’t amateur hour, always bet on professional storytellers.  

Master the Programmatic DOOH. With digital out-of-home programmatic should be the standard sales approach. The problem is that somehow programmatic DOOH  got the reputation of being complicated and brands don’t just gravitate towards it. But, actually, programmatic digital out-of-home offers a pretty simple approach to sales, completely cutting out the middleman and giving full control to advertisers. Programmatic DOOH is brilliant automation of DOOH sales with the use of just a computer program. Programmatic significantly saves time and removes a ton of unnecessary steps: you can book and schedule an efficient ad campaign, by having all of the info on pricing, availability, and timing right there on your computer screen.  

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